How to maintain your curls with the sock hair curling trend

It’s easy to waste an hour or two endlessly scrolling through videos on social media, and whilst we’re not exactly professionals when it comes to the dance challenges - let’s not get into how many hours we spent trying to perfect our moves - hair challenges however, now that’s something we can get onboard with.

Social media has become somewhat of a destination for weird and wonderful beauty tutorials, from DIY lip gloss to marshmallow manes, and the latest viral trend to show up on our radar is a hair-care trick we’re willing to try - curling your hair, heat and damage-free with…socks. Yep, socks. And here’s how you do it:

You will need:


Dampen the hair

This technique works best on damp hair, so try it when you’ve towel dried and just got out of the shower, or fill a small spray bottle with water and spritz all over the lengths of your hair. 

Prep with some mousse

Spray a liberal amount of mousse into the palms of your hands and saturate the damp hair, massaging into the lengths. The mousse will act as a strengthener to the curls, enhancing the hairs grit to allow the curl to keep hold.


Grab your socks

For this technique you’ll need socks that are in similar length to the lengths of your hair, to ensure maximum volume for each curl. Pick a pair and let’s go. 

Separate into sections

Separate the hair into sections around the head, 3 on each side works best, but if your hair is thicker you can add a few extra.

Weave the socks into the hair

Take each section, clip the sock to the root with a Kirby grip, then split the hair section into two and begin to wrap simultaneously around the sock - this should look like a criss-cross pattern. 

Leave overnight

Leave the socks in the hair overnight and remove in the morning, tousle them with your fingers as opposed to using a brush, this will ensure the weight of the curl doesn’t drop and voila - bouncy heatless curls! 

There’s nothing worse than a fresh head of curls that only last a few hours. For voluminous curls that stand up to the test, try our Elnett Volume Flat Hair Strong Hold Shine Hairspray, formulated to create natural looking volume that will hold curls in place all day.

Now we’ve got you #SockCurls covered, get yourself online and hit record!