How To Apply Face Serum For Maximum Effect

It’s one of the most important skincare products, but what is serum – and how is it best applied?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, you’re not alone! Ultimately, serum is a product that is generally water-based and when applied to the skin can penetrate deeply and target skincare concerns like wrinkles. It will often contain moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

Serums have a number of benefits. As they’re so light, they don’t feel too heavy on your skin and absorb fast, while they soothe sensitive skin too, so they’re often a good choice for people with oily or blemish-prone skin. They nourish skin while preventing dryness and offer a glowing finish, while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – these small bottles can be pretty powerful!

But how do you apply serum on your face, and around the eye area in particular? Let’s take a look.

How to apply serum on your face

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If you’re wondering how to apply serum on your face, you’re in the right place! When applying the product, begin by dropping just a few drops into the palm of your hand, before rubbing your hands together. Don’t forget this part, as the heat generated will help the serum melt into your skin!

Then, with your finger tips it’s time to pat rather than rub the skin on your face to apply the serum – make sure to include your neck too. It might be tempting to massage the serum in, but it’s best to let it absorb on its own.

It can help to apply serum to damp skin too, as it’s more permeable than dry skin – making the serum more effective. For this reason, you might want to apply your serum after you use toner, while your skin’s still a little damp. 

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How to apply eye serum

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That’s the face covered, but what about the eyes in particular? If you’d like to know how to use serum on your eyes, make sure that you start with your ring finger, as this will apply the least amount of pressure on one of your face’s more delicate areas. Then, start at the inner corner of each eye and press the serum along your socket with just enough pressure to stimulate the eye area – you don’t want to be too heavy here. Continue until you get to the upper outer corner and have a look to see whether the product have sunk in completely. If so, you might be able to repeat the process again.

You can use our Revitalift Filler 2.5% [Hyaluronic Acid + Caffeine] Eye Serum to replump wrinkles and brighten dark circles – its triple roller-ball applicator massages and stimulates the under-eye area to reduce puffiness and refresh tired eyes. 

Or why not try our Revitalift Filler Hyaluronic Acid Cooling Eye Serum Mask? Each mask contains half a bottle of serum – simply use weekly to smooth skin, reduce dark circles and soothe the eye area.

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Should serums go before or after moisturiser?

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Here’s how to use serum in the right order. 

Serums should go before moisturiser, and the reason why is simple one. They tend to be lighter in texture than creams and oils, so they can absorb into the skin underneath the heavier products. The order in which you should apply skincare products is one that’s often debated, but as a general rule serums should come after cleanser and toner, and be followed by eye cream, moisturiser and heavier products.

You’re better off using serum as a base layer, perhaps applying it once or twice a day after you cleanse your skin. Some serums may be best applied in the morning, like anti-pigmentation serums, while anti-ageing serums can be effective if you use them before you go to bed. It’s best the follow the directions on the individual product. 

For more information on our favourite skin plumping products, browse our Revitalift range here

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