Full Resist Full Resist - How to Stop Hair Breakage

If we were to make a list of our main hair concerns, we would probably include hair loss, thinning hair, split ends and hair breakage. If you feel you have tried everything to get your hair back in shape, do not lose hope! Add Elvive Full Resist by L’Oréal Paris to your routine and benefit from the range’s nutritive formula.

This range was specifically created to reinforce your hair and build resistance to everyday damage. With Arginine, Biotin and Provitamin B5, Full Resist provides hair up to twice the strength for half the breakage. The proof? Up to half as much hair on your brush*. Ready for a game-changing hair routine? Let’s review the steps:
Reinforcing Shampoo. With its special formula packed with super ingredients, this hair strengthening shampoo will be the perfect first step towards your hair’s new life. Start your routine by gently massaging it into your scalp.
Anti-breakage Conditioner. After shampooing, prevent knots and breakage with this hair detangler that includes nutrients such as Biotin, Provitamin B5 and Arginine. Apply on wet hair and let it rest for a minute before rinsing it out.
Power Mask. In need of an extra boost? This hair treatment mask will power your routine up. Thanks to its lightweight, versatile formula, you may use it as a leave-in mask or a rinse-out deep treatment. As a leave-in, apply a small amount on towel-dried hair, concentrating on the lengths and ends. As a rinse-out, either massage it onto the scalp to stimulate the roots or apply on your lengths to rebuild their strength. Leave on for 1-3 minutes and rinse. 
Brush Proof Cream. Want to maximise the effect of your new hair routine? This leave-in conditioner cream coats hair fibres to prevent breakage and subsequent falling out due to mechanical damage or excess styling.  It can be used on fine hair without leaving any traces of greasiness.
Remember, you can regain control by sticking to all the steps of your new hair workout routine by L’Oréal Paris. You go girl!

*Measured as breakage from brushing on bleached hair. Full resist shampoo & conditioner vs. classic shampoo.