Blonde Hair Shades

Did you know that our most coveted natural blonde shades are in fact the result of a chance genetic mutation? This genetic change is so tiny that it involves only one letter amongst the three billion that make up your DNA. It’s therefore not surprising that only 2% of blondes are au naturel, as even the most iconic blonde bombshells have nearly all had a helping hand from the dye bottle. While an incredibly small percentage of women are natural blondes, it’s estimated that one in three women (a pretty big 33%) dye their hair blonde. With dozens of gorgeous blonde hair shades from the sun-kissed spectrum to choose from, how can you find the one that’s perfect for you? To help you out, we’ve put together this glossary for you to decode all the blonde shades out there: from icy platinum to bright strawberry blondes and everything in between.
To help you out, we’ve put together this glossary for you to decode all the blonde shades out there: from icy platinum to bright strawberry blondes and everything in between.

Which shade of blonde works best?
Here at L’Oreal, we believe in embracing your natural features – and that includes choosing a hair colour to harmonise with your skin tone. Here are our top tips to choose the perfect shade of blonde:

Pale skin

Blessed with pale, porcelain skin? Look no further than ash, beige or pearl blondes to complement your rosy cheeks.

Darker skin
If you have a beautifully dark or olive complexion, you’ll most likely suit our caramel or golden tones for a gorgeous effect.

Blue or green eyes
Grey or blue eye colours can suit a lighter blonde, whereas green eyes look stunning against a copper backdrop.

Brown eyes
Deeper, caramel blondes or brondes look fabulous with deep, chestnut eyes.

Maintaining your shade of blonde
Like any good relationship, your colour should be built on strong foundations. Ensure your hair is in tip top condition by investing in specialist haircare products to pamper your locks. Purple shampoos will neutralise warmer tones and remove yellow, whereas a red shampoo will enhance vibrant, warm shades of strawberry blonde.

Choosing your shade of blonde

Here’s our glossary of all the available shades of blonde, to help you choose the right colour for you.

Pearl blonde
A shade lower than the striking white tones of platinum, you’ll find a cool, pearl blonde. Slightly warmer than platinum or ice blonde, our Préférence Infinia in Stockholm gives you a gorgeous Scandinavian vibe.

Ash or Champagne blonde

Much like platinum, this is a very light shade of blonde but has undertones of red rather than blue. This means that it often suits warmer skin tones, or those with red pigment in their skin. Our Préférence Infinia in Lightest Ash Blonde is a super chic, cool blonde which neutralises unwanted brassy tones.

‘Bronde’ or honey blonde
Bronde or honey blonde are great transition colours if you’re switching from brunette to blonde. Get enviable honey coloured locks with our L’Oreal Préférence Glam Bronde collection, which is available in four gorgeous, sun-kissed shades.

Rose blonde, peach, or ‘blorange’
You’ve heard of ‘bronde’, but what about ‘blorange’? Blonde-orange is a beautiful, transitional shade which is almost red and not quite blonde. This shade was born out of our love of pastel shades, and can sometimes be achieved by accident when pink-coloured hair starts to fade. This works best on existing blonde shades and is a fun and modern colour with pink, pastel peach and blonde hues to it. Try it with our Colorista Washout in Peach.

Beige blonde
A more rustic, almost metallic shade of blonde, this shade is another great way to transition to blonde from brunette. Containing a hint of smoke, this ashy beige hue and is best achieved with our Colorista Paint in Beige Blonde.

Golden blonde
Golden blonde is a slightly warmer, glistening shade than beige blonde. A word of warning: this shade has a slight tendency to morph into buttery yellow rather than sun-kissed, so make sure you use a high-quality hair dye such as our Excellence Créme in Natural Golden Blonde. You may also want to switch to a silver shampoo too, in order to neutralise brassy, yellow tones.

Strawberry blonde or copper blonde
At the opposite end of the platinum spectrum lies a fiery strawberry blonde. With a hint of copper, this classic shade suits all skin tones and is the perfect way to get you set for autumn or winter.

Always do an allergy test 48 hours before use. 

Always read and follow the instructions on pack and in the instruction leaflet.
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