Elvive More Than Shampoo For Dry Damaged Hair

The past few years have been challenging for people in all walks of life, but it’s also led to people paying more attention to certain things that they may have been neglecting. Case in point: self-care, one of those buzzy concepts that most of us are more familiar with in theory than in practice. With nothing to look forward to and nothing to prepare for, it’s no surprise that we’ve been letting our personal standards slide, whether that means living in pyjamas or not washing our hair. 

L’Oréal’s mission has always been to help people look and feel their best, so we’re targeting the demons of lockdown with a secret weapon that will help you realise your self-care routines and offer a bit of pampering in a time when we all need it the most. Introducing… our new nourishing shampoo from Elvive, More than Shampoo.

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Elvive’s new luxury shampoo

Elvive Dream Lengths More than Shampoo isn’t your average haircare product. Designed to be deeply indulgent, richly nourishing, and gorgeously scented, this luxury shampoo will help you fall back in love with that precious “me time” that used to come at the end of a long day. 

Reviving lockdown hair and spirits, our conditioning shampoo makes every shower or bath time a real treat. Specially formulated to cleanse hair yet care for each strand like a hair mask, this shampoo for damaged hair tackles the hair neglect we’ve all been guilty of over the past year. A touch of spa pampering right at home, our detangling shampoo offers so much more than a quick hair wash, which is why we’ve named it “More than Shampoo”. 

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Care for dry, damaged hair

It’s not just hair that needs to be cared for, it’s the person beneath it. Elvive’s luxury shampoo aims to do just that. Offering deep nourishment to locks, it’s the perfect shampoo for long hair in need of a detangling treatment, as well as the ideal shampoo for dry, damaged hair that needs some love. Designed to soften, detangle, and fortify long, damaged hair, More than Shampoo is enriched with nutritive lipids which can usually be found in treatments, to offer equally deep nourishment to hair. Light on locks, a delicate fragrance makes for a truly indulgent experience to revive you from top to toe.

Elevate your daily haircare with More than Shampoo, which is used just like a standard shampoo. Gently massage More than Shampoo into wet hair until its smooth, creamy formula turns to foam. Then, distribute it through the length of your hair. Rinse well and enjoy hair that feels three times softer and is twice as detangled* as it would be with regular shampoo. Follow with your usual conditioner if needed.

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New beginnings

Elvive’s conditioning shampoo is just the beginning – the end of the new normal calls for new treats, new beauty routines, and ultimately, a new you. Elvive Dream Lengths range offers far more than a detangling shampoo, with everything you need to be your best self. From Wonder Water that lets even the busiest of beauties add some luxury – and gorgeously sleek hair – to their day, to a Hair Heat Mask giving your hair the TLC it deserves, Elvive has you covered for getting back out there and really letting your hair down.

Discover the secret to beautiful post-lockdown locks with Elvive More than Shampoo, also available in your favourite Colour Protect and Extraordinary Oil ranges, for coloured or dry hair.

*Instrumental test vs a classic shampoo.
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