Elvive Elvive Full Resist Fragile Hair Brush Resist Cream

Rebuild your hair strength with Elvive Full Resist Brush Resist Cream

fragile hair brush resist cream
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Fragile Hair Brush Resist Cream, back of pack
Fragile Hair Brush Resist Cream, Product Range
Fragile Hair Brush Resist Cream, enriched with biotin, vitamin b5 and arginine
Fragile Hair Brush Resist Cream, half as much hair on your brush in the morning
Fragile Hair Brush Resist Cream, for fragile hair, tendency to break and fall. 2x stronger hair, more resistant
Get your full hair workout!

With the Brush Resist Cream no need to worry about excessive hair breakage or fall out again!

Its formula, charged with supplements [biotin + vitamin B5 + arginine] works in affinity with the hair fibre from root to tip to act as a lightweight barrier, protecting and strengthening hair day after day. Brush it, twist it, style it,… it resists!

The result:
98.8% less breakage* when brushing.

*Instrumental Test
Apply on dry or wet hair before brushing or styling. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly.