Argan And Safflower bottle shots

Argan & Safflower Nourishing Therapy

Infused with two hero oils, Argan & Safflower Nourishing range drenches hair in moisture and nourishment for stroke-able softness from root to tip. Indulge yourself in its aromatic scent.

Ginger And Corriander bottle shots

Ginger & Coriander Strengthening Therapy

Mean green reinforcer of fragile locks, Ginger Extract and Coriander Seed Oil are infused into featherweight formulas that strengthen hair and help reduce breakage**. Let the revitalising scent awaken your senses.

**measured as resistance to brushing on bleached hair.

Lavender bottle shots

Lavender Soothing Therapy

Using gentle formulas infused with Organic Lavender Essential Oil and a relaxing scent for a moment of true calm. Sensitive scalps and delicate strands feel soothed and relaxed.

Rose And Gerranium bottle shots

Rose & Geranium Radiance Therapy

Rose Petal Oil and Geranium Essential Oil infused into lush formulas with a fresh, floral scent. The range helps to revive the vibrancy and shine of dull and coloured hair. Blooming brilliant.

Arnica bottle shots

Arnica Repairing Therapy

Arnica Flower Extract in reinforcing formulas helps repair damaged hair and seal the appearance of split ends, leaving hair feeling healthier and softer.

Your Personalised Hair Diagnostic

Answer a few questions for a customised haircare routine - so you can reach your hair goals!

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