How To Apply Lipstick Neatly and Perfectly: Expert Tips for A Flawless Finish

There’s no easier way to brighten your look than with a quick slick of lipstick. Though it’s a staple in any makeup kit, applying lipstick neatly can be trickier than it looks. Wondering how to apply lipstick perfectly for that effortless polish? Whether you’re a beginner or looking for ways to up your game, follow our tips to get a flawless finish, every time.

Prepping Your Lips

A pretty pout starts with some prep work. Dry patches and flakes make it difficult to apply lipstick neatly, even for seasoned pros. Start the process by exfoliating your lips to remove any dead skin cells and flakes. After exfoliating, restore moisture with a lip balm or primer. Let this soak in for a few minutes for soft, perfectly primed lips.

The Art of Lip Liner

Along with lip balm, lip liner is a must for perfect lipstick application. It not only gives you a smooth outline to fill in with your choice of lipstick, but it also can make your lips look fuller. For a soft, blended look, choose a shade that matches your lipstick.  When lining your lips, start at the cupid’s bow and gently trace your lip line down to each edge of your mouth. Repeat on the bottom, beginning at the centre and tracing outward to meet each top line. Fill in your lips with liner if you want to boost your lipstick’s staying power.

How To Apply Lipstick, Step by Step

Once you’ve exfoliated, moisturised, and lined your lips, here’s how to apply lipstick perfectly the first time around.

Step 1: Use Your Lip Shape as A Guide
Tailor your lipstick application technique to your lip shape and size. For example, if you’re wondering how to apply lipstick on thin lips, you’ll want to overdraw your lips slightly at the fullest part of the top and bottom. For fuller lips, you can use a deeper lipstick shade and a darker lip liner to match your natural lip line. Play around with proportions to get the perfect finish.

Step 2: Start at The Centre
Once you’ve selected the appropriate shade and technique for your lip size, the next step is to start applying lipstick from the middle. Pucker up and place the lipstick in the centre of your pout for full control over application. Apply in clean, even strokes towards the outer corners of your mouth. A helpful trick is to draw an X on the cupid’s bow for perfect definition.

Step 3: Blot Your Lips
Use a tissue to blot your lips. While it’s tempting to skip this step, it really does help by removing excess product for a smoother, more even level of coverage. Don’t forget to blot at the corners of your mouth, not just the centre.

Step 4: Set Your Colour in Place
Just as you would for makeup on your face, you can finish the job by setting your colour with a translucent powder. This gives it staying power, no matter what the day throws at you.

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Mastering Different Lipstick Textures

From matte to gloss, there’s an array of different options in the L’Oréal Paris lipstick range. Each comes with its own challenges to get your look just right.

 •  Matte formulas: Moisturising is key for matte lipsticks, which can be drying without a primer. Leave a touch of lip balm on first to let the matte formula glide onto your lips without cracking.
 •  Liquid lipsticks: These take longer to set, so take your time and wait for the lipstick to dry before blotting or adding another layer. Apply using a thin coat to avoid flaking.

Precision And Symmetry

When looking at how to apply lipstick for beginners, one of the biggest challenges is symmetry. A good, sharp lip pencil can help, as can pointed lipstick. Lip brushes give you even more control over your application for a precise finish. If you make any mistakes, use a concealer to clean up the edges.

Layering And Blending Lipstick

Layer multiple colours to create your own custom finish. If you’re playing around with different textures, remember to apply matte formulas first before a glossy look like the L’Oréal Paris Glow Paradise Balm-in Gloss. These provide better grip than glosses or creamy finishes.

If you want to rock the ombre trend, use a matte lipstick that stays in place. Start with a darker colour at the edges, blending in a lighter colour in the middle for a smooth, seamless gradient effect.

Quick Fixes and Touch-Ups

Try using a straw to prevent your colour from feathering. Touch up your look with a dot of colour and brush-blending after lunch. Liquid lipsticks are made to stay in place, so you’ll need to remove them completely to apply a fresh, even coat. It’s handy to carry makeup removal wipes or micellar water pads for this purpose. Just wipe off smudged lipstick and reapply for a fresh pop of colour with true lasting power.

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