How To Do Balayage At Home

If you’re anything like us, when it comes to your hair you probably like to mix it up a bit and play around with the latest hair trends. Even if you haven’t heard of balayage yet, you’ll certainly have seen it – this is the natural, multi-toned, sun-kissed style that’s been increasing in popularity, yet many people believe it can only be achieved in a hair salon. We’ll let you in on a little secret. Creating your own balayage hair at home is actually much easier than it looks. In this tutorial, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to get vibrant blonde balayage hair at home in just a few simple steps.
What is balayage?

This hugely popular hair colouring technique has borrowed its name from French, and when translated means ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep’. Unlike highlights, which require precision, balayage takes a more relaxed approach. This method of hair colouring also does away with the issue of visible root growth, as you only ever dye the lower part of your hair and leave the top colour au naturel. Balayage is a brilliant, low-maintenance option for colouring your hair at home, as it accentuates your hair’s natural beauty rather than completely transforming your look. 

What do I need to balayage at home?

Our Colorista Effects Balayage kit contains everything you need to achieve the perfect balayage highlights at home. In the kit, you’ll find:

● A DIY comb applicator 
● Gentle lightening formula 
● Plastic gloves
● Conditioning after treatment
● Full instructions found on the pack and in the leaflet (as with all our products, be sure to read these thoroughly before you start colouring your hair)

In addition, you’ll also need:

● An old towel to protect your clothes from bleach
● Petroleum jelly to apply to your ears and hairline to stop the dye getting on your skin
● Some hair clips to hold back sections of your hair, helping you to apply the dye with more precision and target specific areas

What do I do before I DIY balayage?

Always refer to the instructions on the pack and in the leaflet before you begin dyeing your hair.  
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All set! How to create your own balayage

Step One: Section hair using the ‘hot cross bun’ technique

Part your hair in two by running a comb down your centre parting and then across your head from ear to ear. Next, divide your hair into four equal sections and clip each section back with a plastic hair clip. You can then work from one section to the other, using hair clips to secure smaller sections, ensuring that you distribute your colour evenly and precisely. Take your time when applying the hair dye, the finished effect will be well worth this methodical approach, we promise! 

Step Two: Apply your petroleum jelly

We love this simple but effective beauty hack. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly around your hairline and over your ears to protect your skin from stainage.

Step Three: Time to begin!

Balayage is all about the contrast between dark and blonde, so be careful not to get any of the dye on areas you want to keep dark.

Pull the dye through your hair from the middle of the strand to the bottom using the comb applicator, avoiding the roots entirely. The amount of hair you cover will depend on how thick you want your highlights to be. Use the hair clips we mentioned earlier to section off and colour smaller, more targeted strands.

To achieve a more natural look, use your fingers (wearing the gloves provided, of course) to work the dye into the tips of your hair, blending the colour using downward strokes. 

Step Four: Time to wait...

When it comes to doing balayage at home, don’t leave the dye on your hair for any longer than the maximum time indicated on the pack. For a subtle, natural look, this is likely to be around 25-35 minutes. For more intense highlights, this could be up to 45 minutes. You can remove dye from one strand to see if it is light enough before removing from your whole hair. However, never go above the maximum development time stated on the packet and in the leaflet. 

Step Six: Wash it out

Wash your hair thoroughly in warm water, using the conditioning after care treatment contained in our Colorista Effects Balayage kit. This is specially designed to leave your hair looking glossy and gorgeous. 

Step Seven: Step back, and admire your hard work

See, it wasn’t that difficult after all! Now it’s time to unleash your beautiful blonde balayage locks on the world. 

How do I care for balayage?
Once you’ve followed our step-by-step balayage guide and are rocking your new look, keep in mind your locks might need a little TLC. Injecting some moisture into the hair after the process will ensure your sun-kissed hue is soft and manageable. Reach for products that are enriched with oils to hydrate and deeply moisturise, such as L'Oréal Paris Botanicals Safflower Rich Infusion Masque. The formula includes coconut and sunflower seed oil, leaving hair feeling silky smooth and ready to take on the world.

Be sure to also use a heat protection spray when styling your hair, it will help to avoid any damage to your balayage style. We recommend products like L'Oréal Paris Stylista The Sleek Serum Hair Styling Heat Protector, which not only protects hair from heat damage up to 230°C, but also provides a frizz-free, sleek finish.

Need a little more after-care info? Our guides on how to wash dyed hair and how to care for dyed hair are packed with top tips. And if you’re after even more inspiration, check out our guide to balayage styles.

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