How to make your eyes look bigger with eye makeup

Want to know the secret of making your eyes look bigger? We’ve got nine of them to share as well as some recommendations from our weatherproof makeup line, engineered to maintain your look all day long. 

Concealer tricks: cosmetics to combat shadows for bigger eye illusions

Dark circles and discolouration can make the area around your eyes look sunken – but luckily, this is easy to tackle. Simply add a little concealer to your eyes on your most tired days. And as a bonus, this one contains hyaluronic acid and caffeine to make your eyes look more awake. Check out our guide on how to manage dark circles to make the most of your products.
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how-to-make-your-eyes-look-bigger how-to-make-your-eyes-look-bigger how-to-make-your-eyes-look-bigger

Eye shadow magic: how to use light and shadow for wider-looking eyes

If dark circles minimise your eyes, it makes sense that light colours can widen eyes. Strategically placed white or skin-tone eyeshadows can help you look more alert – just add a little to the inner corner of your eyes, under your eyebrow arch and at the centre of your eyelid to create the illusion of wider eyes. You can also experiment with using white or neutral eyeliners to this effect, blending them under your eyebrow arch and in the inner corner of your eye – more light eyeliner tricks in a moment!


You can also contour your eyes to add depth and really make them pop. Just take a slightly darker shade and blend it into the crease of your eye socket using smooth windscreen-wiper motions. Here, too, you can play around with a darker eyeliner – khol textures can work especially well for blending into the crease. 

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Waterline wonders: pencils that widen eyes and enhance eye makeup look

Complement your eyeshadow with white or light waterline eyeliners. This can help create the illusion that the whites of your eyes are wider, giving you that doe-eyed effect. Darker liners applied just below the lash line can help finish the look. L’Oreal Paris waterline eyeliner is easy to apply and is waterproof for 24-hour impact.
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Maximise your gaze: eyeliner techniques to visually enlarge your eye

To get really creative with your eyeliner, don’t be afraid to try out the winged look which can expand your eye line and create an illusion of larger eyes. L’Oreal Paris Perfect Slim Liquid Eyeliner is perfect for drawing smooth wings and highlighting the inner corner of your eyes for a fierce cat-eye or bold graphic look.
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Lash serums and curlers: the dynamic duo for big eyes with makeup

Nothing complements a slick eyeliner quite like big, fluffy lashes – especially when you want to draw attention to your eyes. Apply our lash serum to your upper and lower lashes and allow to dry for 60 seconds before adding your mascara to achieve thicker-looking lashes instantly. For added volume, finish with your eyelash curler.
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Volumising mascara: how to make eyes look bigger with a lash boost

Finish off your lashes with Panorama Mascara – created with a stretch-flex formula that captures all your eyelashes from corner to corner to make your eyes look wider and your lashes more full. Apply a second coat for an extra boost.
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Defining brows: frame your eyes for an enlarged effect

To complete the look, check out the L'Oréal Paris brows range of gels and pencils to find the perfect product for you. Creating an arch in your brows helps lift your eyes and leaves them looking open and alert, while slick and well-groomed brows draw attention to your eyes.
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Bright eyes eye cream: diminish wrinkles for bigger looking eyes

For lasting effects, make sure you also incorporate a great skincare routine with a focus on finding the right eye cream. The Revitalift Filler [+Hyaluronic Acid] Eye Cream helps to diminish wrinkles for bigger-looking eyes and can be used on the full face. To get the best results:

1.Clean your face as normal
2.Dab the cream along your eye contour, working from the inner corner outward
3.Apply across your full face with a focus on areas with noticeable lines

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For more eyecare tips, have a look at our guide on how to get brighter looking eyes.

Cell Renew Eye Enhancer: overnight cream for wide-eyed effect

For a complementary nighttime cream, try the cell renew midnight eye cream. This antioxidant-rich formula helps to make eyes look youthful and bigger while you sleep and has a luxurious feel that will leave you waking up refreshed.

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How do you make your eyes pop?
Using makeup to make your eyes look bigger is easier than you think. Eyeliner is key in drawing attention to the eyes, but curled and coated lashes and colourful eyeshadows can be the perfect finishing touches.
Does bottom mascara make your eyes bigger?
Carefully applied mascara on your bottom lashes can help balance out your top lid and create a wide-eyed, baby-doll effect.
Does eyeliner go on top or bottom for bigger eyes?
While dark eyeliner on your bottom waterline can close off your eyes, a thin line below your lashes can help complement your look.
What colours of eyeshadow make eyes look bigger?
Light tones and neutral shades are perfect for creating a wide-eyed effect.
Can mascara really make a difference in how big my eyes look?
Yes! Mascara can help lift and fan out your lashes to create bigger-looking eyes.
How can I use eyeliner to make my eyes appear larger?
Using lighter eyeliners, including brown or colourful shades, can help open up your eyes and make them look bigger.
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