How To Spray Dye Your Hair

You’re looking to wow right now, but you’re not quite ready to take it further. You want to make a statement with a brave, bold look and not be confined to the same hair colour every day of the week. You’ve considered becoming a self-made mermaid, and switching up your style whenever the mood takes you.
How do you achieve this level of colour freedom? Simply choose your colour, and spray. OK, it’s not quite that simple, but it’s close. This tutorial will guide you through how to spray dye your hair at home and achieve fierce colour – without the long-term commitment. 

Join the Colorista revolution
Bright, daring hair doesn’t just belong in a candy land dream or on the head of your favourite Insta-celeb. It can be yours if you want it. This is your invitation to join the Colorista revolution. Do it your way, be different, give up the rules and give in to ultra-vibrant colour. 

We understand that statement hair can be a big decision, and that’s why we created the Colorista Temporary Hair Colour Spray, so you can experiment over and over with a range of shades until you find the one that fits you perfectly.

And what if the colour just isn’t for you? Well, then you simply wash it out and start afresh. 

Why spray dye your hair?

Our Colorista Temporary Hair Colour Spray has been designed to be as simple and quick to apply as possible. It gives you instant, ultra-vibrant colour that lasts for one day, so there’s no need to commit to one colour. If you want to wear the whole rainbow in a week, go for it (and of course, don’t forget to share your selfies with us at @lorealhair on Instagram!)

There are seven shades in the Colorista range – including Hot Pink, Turquoise, Grey – which will work on all hair colours, no matter how light or dark. The Colorista sprays are direct dyes in ultra-light, micro powder form, designed to spray on, stay on all day, and last until they’re washed out. 

Unlike some colours, they’re easy to use and easy on your hair, making them the ideal way to colour your hair for just one day. Need some help deciding on the perfect shade for you? Check out our Colour Diagnostic tool.

How to spray dye your hair 
Get ready. Your bold new look is just a few steps away. Time to join the Colorista revolution!

Step one: Comb your hair thoroughly to ensure there aren’t any tangles, and to help you achieve an even coverage.

Step two: Use clips to hold back parts of your hair you don’t want to be coloured, or to help you colour in stages more evenly.

Step three: Apply the Colorista Spray 15cm away from your hair. This is best done in the bathroom, so be careful of the walls and furniture!

Step four: For a more intense look, spray the dye on for longer. For just a hint of colour, spray on less – this works beautifully with very light blonde or platinum hair.

Step five: You’re ready to parade your bold new look around! How does it feel? 

Step six: When it’s time to say goodbye, simply wash the Colorista spray out to return your locks to their former colour. Are you ready to do it all again tomorrow? 

Even though the process is simple, it’s always important to be safe. Remember to:

● Always spray in a well-ventilated area.
● Make sure your clothes are covered before you spray. Even though our sprays wash out easily, it’s better to be safe than sorry with your favourite outfit.

Go bolder!
Now is your time to experiment with no strings attached. You may want to rock just one shade, but maybe you’re in the mood to go even bolder.

Try a pink and turquoise braid, or grey hair with blue tips. With seven colours to choose from, and no commitment, why not have some fun? After all, if you’re not totally happy, you can always wash that shade right out of your hair. 

One of our favourite current trends is mermaid hair, and with our Colorista sprays you don’t need to visit a salon or stylist to experiment. Simply stock up on the entire range of colours and brush on colour to your heart’s content. We find you get the best look when the colours are layered from tip to root, although there really are no rules. Get your friends round, have some fun, and go wild. 

Whatever style you go for, do it your way.
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