Filler Renew

Filler Renew - Moisturising - your one way ticket to perfect skin

If there's only one skincare ritual we should apply, it has to be moisturising every day! This is because our skin needs hydrating if it's to keep its gorgeous, youthful glow.

When we're 20 years old, a good moisturiser should take pride of place in our bathrooms. Creams, masks, serum... All of these can be used to keep your skin supple, fresh and plump as well as prevent the signs of ageing skin. How? By restoring and reinforcing your skin's natural hydrating process so that it doesn't dry out. Between the ages of 30 and 40, our skin begins to dehydrate and the passage of time raises its ugly head - uneven skin tone, crow's feet and frown lines appear at a rate of knots. The solution? Moisturise! It's THE golden rule for preventing wrinkles.

Apply a moisturiser both morning and night to clean, dry skin. Treatments nowadays contain two super-charged active ingredients (already present in our skin) to pump it full of moisture - hyaluronic acid, the Queen of Queens and glycerin, a moisturising superhero. Unfortunately, as we age our bodies produce less of both, so we need to replenish our stocks if we want to have skin that doesn't feel tight or look blotchy. This is why they're included in moisturisers, much to the delight of our skin!

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