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Whether you're unsure which hair colour is right for you, how to get the perfect eye flick or which shampoo will suit your hair type, simply choose one of the below options to connect and ask away. We're here 7 days a week to help with your questions, and you can even share a photo if it helps! Please scroll down to choose your preferred contact method.

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Live Chat, Facebook & Messenger

Need an answer right away? Our team of online experts are here to answer your questions. Simply click the LIVE CHAT button or Facebook Messenger and we'll be in touch.
If you're out shopping and need to know which hair dye is right for you, or want to know more about our latest launches, our team are happy to chat!
Ask us anything and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. You'll see our conversation just like any other Facebook message, and be able to reply to the thread at a time suited to you!

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L'Oréal Paris Phone Number

You can contact us between:

Monday - Saturday, 8am - 8pm
Sunday, 8am - 3pm

UK: 0800 0304 031 EIRE: 1800 818 671

UK: 0800 0304 032 EIRE: 1800 818 672

UK: 0800 0304 033 EIRE: 1800 818 673

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