Our favourite hair colour trends to try this Spring

Spring is a transformative season, the leaves on the trees are turning green, animals are shedding their Winter layers and the blossom is bursting into bloom. With so much vibrancy and change coming to life in the natural world, what better time to experiment with a change of your own? Whether you opt for something subtle, perhaps a few caramel highlights or go for an entirely new hair identity, we’ve got you covered with the top hair colour trends to try this season.

Strawberry Blonde

A quintessential English Rose hue, it’s not quite red, it’s not quite blonde - it's somewhere in between. It’s a warm weather hair colour that suits a multitude of skin tones due to its range of hues from copper to rose through to gold. Tried and tested by Hollywood starlets, this subtle look is the perfect shade to experiment with during the upcoming sun-kissed Spring and Summer months.

Split hair two-tone dye

A spicy new trend emerging of late is the split two-tone striking looks. Unusual colour combos like turquoise and midnight blue and peach with neon yellow, are not for the faint-hearted. This high energy, vibrant, bold and playful look is a sure-fire way to make a statement as we step into Spring. 

Icy Tones

Time to go futuristic with this one, a rich white blonde with undertones of silver to create an effervescent icy hue. This is a seriously high-contrast, high-fashion and high maintenance look. Is it a lot of work? Yes. Is it worth it? 100%.

Dusty Violet

Pastel hues are a huge trend this Spring when it comes to hair colour and dusty violet is not one to be overlooked, the softer lavender tones enhance warmer shades within the complexion and are a great transitional look into those warmer days. 

Chilli Chocolate

A blend of red and brunette, a heavenly match like chilli and chocolate as the name suggests. With base tones of deep chocolate brown, layered with a rich auburn hues, this trend is perfect for brunettes who want to experiment with new shades without making a drastic change.

Pastel Pink

Arguably the most popular hair colour trend of 2020 so far. From light marshmallow, soft rose through to rose gold - try picking the shade that best suits your complexion - for fair to medium skin, try a light pastel pink and for darker skin tones opt for darker jewelled pastel.