Kick Start Gift Set for Him

Keep cool, perfectly pruned and looking more awake

An assortment of three Men Expert products sure to kick start your day.


Keep cool, perfectly pruned and looking more awake with an assortment of three Men Expert products sure to kick start your day. The three-step knockout of Hydra Energetic Face Wash, Extreme Glide Shave Gel, and Anti-Fatigue Moisturiser will help to keep you looking sharp, not tired.

Gift Set Contains
Shave Revolution Shave Gel
Hydra Energetic Face Wash
Hydra Energetic Anti-Fatigue Moisturiser

Shave Revolution Shave Gel
A shave gel with glide action ice effect. The non-foaming formula is enriched with hydrating Glycerin for an ultimate shave.

Hydra Energetic Face Wash
A cleansing face wash designed to cleanse & energise men's skin.

Hydra Energetic Anti-Fatigue Moisturiser
Enriched with Vitamin CG and Oxygen-CP technology, this up to 24-hour moisturiser fights 5 signs of fatigue:

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Moisturising benefits

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bigi Review panel member
5 stars

Got it as a gift for my husband and he uses every day.

Tigger1684 Review panel member
5 stars

I gave the face wash and moisturiser in this kit to my husband to try out. He was impressed and his usual products seem to have been pushed to the back of the shelf! He said that he likes the smell of the products and that the face wash left his face feeling really clean and fresh but not at all dry. He thinks that the moisturiser leaves his skin feeling soft, smooth and bright.
As he doesn’t wet shave, I gave the shave gel to a colleague at work. He used it on his face and also to shave his head. He said that the gel felt weird at first as he was used to foaming products but that he was impressed with it and actually liked the consistency. He was equally impressed with the quality of the shave it gave him without any nicks.

FrauErdapfel Review panel member
3 stars

My husband tried this set. The face wash isn’t as good as L’Oreal’s clay face wash for controlling oil. The face wash smelled nice and wasn’t too drying. It also had menthol in it which was refreshing for the skin. The moisturiser was light so not too oily but it was too light for winter and his skin started feeling dry after a few hours. Decent products but L’Oreal has better products.

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