Volume Million Lashes Feline

A curved brush to capture each individual lash to reveal our fiercest, feline flicked eye look.

Unleash your Inner Feline


The legendary millionizer brush is now arched, capturing every lash. The arched shape perfectly fits the eyelid, resulting in intensity, curl and volume on every lash from root to tip. The wild shiny black formula dresses your lashes in an intense black. Together, they create our ultimate feline flicked eye look.

Apply on your lashes from root to tip with the wild black formula for our most fierce volume. Apply a couple of coats for optimal hold.

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4 stars

Value for money

4 stars

Value for money

4 stars

Value for money

4 stars

Value for money

4 stars
5 stars

I have tried and tested so many mascsra's and this one is far the best easy to apply and stays on all day, no smudging

1 stars

Wow this is really terrible.
It’s almost like there no product in the tube because on application nothing comes off the brush!! It feels like it’s dried up? I don’t understand why it’s so ‘amazing’ unless this is by amateur make up users.. I love my mascara to be bold, with lengthy lush lashes.. does none of that. Great for the no make up look I guess? Waste of money.

1 stars

I bought this mascara as I am always on a search for great mascara and this one is mentioned in many beauty magazines as one of the best. Maybe it works for someone who has naturally good eyelashes but my one are short and thin. Brush doesn’t take much product on so it takes extra time to do my lashes and they don’t look nice and even. Also brush is very spiky, it’s not very pleasant to use on delicate eye. Definitely not buying this again.

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