Volume Million Lashes Feline

A curved brush to capture each individual lash to reveal our fiercest, feline flicked eye look.

Unleash your Inner Feline


The legendary millionizer brush is now arched, capturing every lash. The arched shape perfectly fits the eyelid, resulting in intensity, curl and volume on every lash from root to tip. The wild shiny black formula dresses your lashes in an intense black. Together, they create our ultimate feline flicked eye look.

Apply on your lashes from root to tip with the wild black formula for our most fierce volume. Apply a couple of coats for optimal hold.

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I've used this mascara for years but bought the extra black one as a test. It is good for length however it has been transferring on to my under eyes throughout the day.

Sarah Carvell
5 stars

I've titled this my 2nd favourite as my ultimate favourite mascara ever was L'Oréal's Collagen one which they used to do but not anymore. This is the closest mascara that resembles the same effects. I have tried several high end mascaras which I don't think do as good of a job as L'Oréal. I really like the wand on this volume million lashes, I find it separates my lashes and fans them out beautifully and gives me a little bit of length but lots of volume. Exactly the look I love! This is now my go to mascara.

Rainey Darling
5 stars

I bought this product around 3 weeks ago & it’s a fantastic mascara, the “extra black” really delivers to its advertising, its boasts a great rounded size wand, which coats in a ultra dark sweeping way, giving lashes a much more dynamic look than the original Million lashes, which I always use, as I find L’Oréal mascaras tend to be the best across the board.
They give beautiful body & length to lashes which give that fullness we all crave, but never clumps or sticks.. 10/10 from me here definitely.

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