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Glam Shine

Shiny, not sticky!

Make your lips shine


Shiny, not sticky! Make your lips shine with Glam Shine lipgloss. With a lovely delicate fragrance, its formula leaves lips feeling moisturised and is easy to apply thanks to its heart shaped applicator.

Available in a dazzling array of shades and effects: Glam Shine has a perfect shade for you.

The Glam Shine formula has a lovely delicate fragrance and contains hydrating properties to moisturise lips.

Its smooth texture delivers an intense burst of colour with a non-sticky finish.

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5 stars

I love the colour and so glossy. Lips look good and even had people comment on it!

5 stars

I get so many comments about this lipgloss! It's not sticky & really sparkles... I bought 6!!!

5 stars

I have had this lipgloss for over a year now and it still hasn't used up! I really love its texture and appearance.

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