men-expert-thermic-resist-clean-cool-fragrance-spray-Clean Cool Fragrance Spray

Men Expert Thermic Resist

Sweat protection caused by stressful situations.

Men Expert Thermic Resist Clean Cool Fragrance Spray

Clean Cool Fragrance Spray
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Thermic Resist is a 48 hour anti perspirant designed to deliver sweat protection from heat rushes such as physical activity, extreme temperatures and stressful situations.

The formula has been tested at 45 degrees.

This anti-perspirant combines 3 heat resistant properties.

1. Helps to combat bad odours and controls perspiration.

2. Helps combat wetness.

3. Fresh fragrance.

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98 Reviews

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5 stars

Value for money

4 stars

Moisturising benefits

5 stars

Moisturising benefits

5 stars


5 stars
3 stars

I bought the new safelock thermic resist and love it.
The one big problem is that the safelock works when it's locked but when you unlock it to spray the spray nozzle moves slightly and when your spray half of the product sprays inside the nozzle and not on your body. This has happened to two cans already. When you lock it closed it makes a nice click and the can is very much locked, when you unlock it the nozzle still moves slightly so I feel that you need the nozzle to click into place the same way it locks closed.
Very expensive stuff worth every penny if it works right.

5 stars

I bought this deodorant for my boyfriend based on the good reviews as his wasn't working well enough. He loves this deodorant and finds that it keeps him dry and fresh all day - he absolutely won't even try another brand now - he is a convert to this deodorant

4 stars

Used for well over a year, brilliant product, until new spray lock version I recently purchased, rubbish! didn’t feel as refreshing and some of the product wasted on the cap as residue. Please go back to original.

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