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Men Expert Carbon Protect Roll On

Total protection.

Long lasting fresh fragrance.


The power of Carbon. Fights against odour, white and yellow marks and protects against sweat for 48hrs.

Total protection.

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5 stars

Moisturising benefits

5 stars

Value for money

5 stars


5 stars


5 stars
5 stars

First time i try. It last all day and feels fresh. I would recommende. I try many others before and the loreal brand is from far the best one

5 stars

Brilliant long lasting smell and protection just when you need it A+++++

3 stars

I never use roll-ons normally, just stick deodorants. I find aerosols irritate my skin, and roll-ons seem to glue your arms to your sides! This roll-on doesn't do either - and it's the first roll-on that doesn't leave me feeling 'sticky' - it's like a liquid, and maybe this is where the problem lays. It's a very good deodorant, as a deodorant, but, it's like wearing no anti-perspirant at all! You get massive damp marks under your arms - they're not really 'pit-stains' (it's probably the carbon-protect that prevents any staining), but as the deodorant is so good, they don't smell at all. It's like water. So, no odour but incredible, incredibly, damp...

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