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Men Expert Cool Power

High performance shower gel for an ultra-fresh feeling. 100% engineered for men.

Icy-Caps Shower Gel

Shower Gel
4 stars

36 Reviews

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Our first Men Expert shower gel enriched with icy caps technology and provides you with a fresh feeling.

Upon contact with water, the shower gel cools down the temperature of your skin, keeping you feeling fresh.

• Cool & minty fragrance

The ultimate 3 in 1 shower gel for face, body and hair.

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36 Reviews

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4 stars
matbro Review panel member
3 stars

Having received this free from L'Oreal, it was a good product ... but the icy caps didn't make enough difference to make it majorly different from any other shower gel. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

aryley Review panel member
4 stars

I received a free L'Oreal Cool Power shower gel via a Bzzagent campaign. I like the packaging and the appearance of the shower gel. In terms of use, it was good, smells nice and felt clean afterwards and did not need a lot of gel per shower so after using it for a nearly a month now and still have not finished it. Not entirely convinced about the 'cool' element of it though that would be my only slight reservation.

Overall, I would recommend this product and would purchase it again. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Atomick Review panel member
4 stars

What I received was the L’Oréal Men Expert COOL POWER…. Awesome!!
I am of these people that once I get out of the shower need to cool down before I am able to get dry so I need something like this or I need to take my shower in the garden… which I don’t think the neighbours would appreciate :o I have tried many shower gels that claim to provide you with a cool refreshing shower but in my opinion none have delivered, so to save my neighbours embarrassment I hope this lives up to the claims.

From opening the box, I was immediately impressed by the bottle, it was chunky, square and very masculine. The label followed the usual L’Oréal Men Expert design. It was very well thought out making it clear to see what it was and what it does. And the best bit of all was the XL size giving you 300ml but to be honest I think the bottle made it look and feel as though it was even bigger.

When I first used this I thought great packaging, but watch it be like the rest, let it down with the product. But I was pleased to find that this was different to the others, it had a fresh manly fragrance that I liked and on first use felt to be cooling me down not quite sub-zero temperatures but still significant which felt even cooler with the cool breeze blowing in from the window, personally I would have liked it to be a little cooler but that the way I roll.
Three thing on that first use that I think need improving on is there was no way to hang this up meaning I had to bend down and put it on the floor and as we all know the is a NO NO in a communal shower….but hey I’m on my own so that’s not a problem. But joking aside if you have a bad back or in the later stages of life you don’t want to be bending down.
The second thing was the bottle as great as it was it became a quite slippery when wet, some textures on the side would of made all the difference.
And the last thing that in my opinion was the most annoying was when you opened the lid it instantly started to dribble out, even with the lid closed it leaked out over time leaving marks on the surface, a simple none drip in the lid so you have to squeeze to get it out would fix it.

Conclusion: in spite of the three draw backs I still loved this product and it will be making a regular appearance in my bathroom and would definitely recommend it to others. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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