men-expert-pure-matte-moisturising-gel-Moisturising Gel

Exfoliator for Men - Pure & Matte

Skin looks healthy.

Pure & Matte Anti-Regreasing Moisturising Gel


L'Oréal Men Expert Pure & Matte moisturiser protects against shiny and oily skin. It mattifies, leaving skin looking healthy.

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Love this moisturising gel. I have a shiny nose and forehead and I've tried just about every moisturiser on the planet. This one goes straight in with a cooling sensation and lasts all day whilst keeping my skin soft.

5 stars

My partner got this little bottle as part of a Christmas set and due to acne can't use it on his own skin! I've used the post balm shave as primer for a while but like the idea of pure and matte. It lives up to all I expected it to be and smells beautiful, my makeup sits really well on it and leaves my skin smooth!
My makeup can last all night because it has very good coverage.

5 stars

Got this for my boyfriend as he’s prone to very oily shiny skin and it actually stops it being shiny all day. He’s very pleased as he’s been trying to find one for this purpose. It also smells nice as well.

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