men-expert-pure-power-active-moisturiser-Active Moisturiser

Men Expert Pure Power

Hydrates for 24h and reduces excess oil.

Pure Power Active Moisturiser

Active Moisturiser
4 stars

51 Reviews

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After cleansing it's important to use a moisturiser to help keep problem skin hydrated.

• Targets imperfections - skin looks healthier.

• Reduces Excess Oil - skin feels soft and matte.

• Hydrates for 24H - skin feels comfortable.

This moisturiser is enriched with salycilic acid, zinc and glycerin, hydrates for 24H and helps protect against the appearance of imperfections.

Helps protect against the appearance of spots.

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51 Reviews

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4 stars


5 stars


4 stars

Moisturising benefits

4 stars

Moisturising benefits

4 stars
5 stars

Excellent product. Easily absorbed. Light moisturiser. Keeps skin moisturised. Clears spots. Brought for my teenage son. His skin is clear after using product for 10 days. We noticed the difference after 2 days on his face. My son also had dry spotty skin on his back. Using this product has cleared all spots and kept his skin moisturised. This has helped the skin to heal and reduce scar marks. No bleaching, so doesn't mark clothes. Kind to skin leaving it feeling soft. Certainly recommend this product.

5 stars

My partner buys this moisturiser all the time and I ran out of my own so he said to use his instead as I suffer from oily skin and my fave creams tend to be rather heavy. After putting a small pea sized blob and spreading it around my face I was instantly Impressed. It makes my skin feel velvety smooth and no signs of oil! I like it that much that iv stopped buying my usual women's moisturiser and will continue to use this one instead! And I would recommend trying small amounts first as it spreads far :)

2 stars

I used this product a short while ago after realising the importance of moisturising as part of a good skincare routine, especially for spot-prone skin. I used it morning and night, and after both applications I found the product to be very slow to absorb and rather thick to apply. Whilst it certainly moisturised my skin, I found the product far too 'heavy' compared to others I have used, which made it particularly unpleasant at night, as I could still feel it on my skin as I went to sleep. Generally would avoid.

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