Age Perfect Golden Age SPF 20

Restores skin's density, supports the skin's structure, rehydrates and protects against the negative effects of UV rays.

Discover Age Perfect Rosy Re-fortifying Cream specifically formulated for very mature skin.


With age, features begin to sag and the face loses its firmness. Beyond this skin slackening, natural calcium levels in the skin become depleted. The skin loses its density, becoming thinner and more fragile.

The L'Oréal laboratories have developed a protecting cream with Neo-Calcium and SPF 20. Formulated specifically for more mature fragile skin.

The formula is enriched with Neo-Calcium known for its fortifying properties. The formula helps to restore the skin's natural state of hydration and support the skin's structure. Skin feels more resilient, re-cushioned and firmer.

Thanks to SPF 20, the skin is protected against the negative effects of UV rays and causes of sagging.

Instantly hydrated, skin feels comfortable and smoother, without feeling tight.
Day after day, the skin regains its natural radiance and softness. The facial contours look more defined.

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4 stars
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This is the only day cream I’ll use now. I’ve tried most on the market and this is my favourite. It leaves a lovely healthy rosy glow to the skin which is very attractive - seems to minimise the wrinkles too (which can’t be a bad thing). You don’t need a lot so the jar lasts a long time. Also the compliments I get about my healthy, rosy complexion is great - makes my day

5 stars

This is my second jar of face cream and definitely not the last.

Ellebell Review panel member
4 stars

I love this product! One little jar does so much! Firstly it smells lovely. It has a rosy tint that makes my skin glow and it moisturises really well. It also has SPF so my skin is protected everyday from the sun. Best everyday product for my face.

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