revitalift-classic-day-cream-spf-30-day-cream-spf-30-Day Cream SPF 30

Revitalift Classic Day Cream SPF 30

Target wrinkles today,
shield skin for tomorrow.

Skin is Protected, Wrinkles appear reduced, Skin feels firmer


NEW L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Day Cream with SPF 30 and Advanced UVA protection. Shields against the No1 cause of premature ageing. Our 'skin defence' filters shield from harmful UVA rays that can pass through cloud and even glass.

Enriched with our highest concentrate of Pro-Retinol A + Elasti-Flex. Proven Results: Skin is Protected, Wrinkles appear reduced, Skin feels firmer.

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5 stars

Love this cream and it's even better when they do it on sale.

sidota Review panel member
5 stars

Love a good cream with SPF and great that this is more than just factor 15!
Very nourishing and nice texture/smell. I find it works really well with my skin and under my make up

3 stars

I have combination skin so usually moisturisers either make me break out or are too oily for me. This didn’t make me break out nor did it make my skin oilier. However, I can’t stand the suncream smell to it and I don’t think it does much in terms of anti age and doesn’t really keep skin as hydrated or moisturised as my previous products

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