triple-active-day-dry-sensitive-dry-sensitive-Dry & Sensitive

Triple Active Day - Dry & Sensitive

Hydrates, protects and brightens.

Triple Active Day Dry and Sensitive Skin


Every day the skin is under attack from UV rays, free radicals and pollution which can cause signs of skin ageing. Skin can be left feeling dehydrated and more fragile.

L’Oréal introduces Triple Active Day Moisturiser with 3 actions:

1) Long-lasting hydration: the skin’s ability to retain water throughout the day is improved

2) Protection: helps reinforce skin’s natural protection against free radicals and the harmful effects of the sun.

3) Radiance: the formula, enriched with Ceramide and Vitamin B5, leaves skin looking more radiant.

Immediate results:

Skin is intensely hydrated and feels soft and comfortable. It looks more radiant.


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0 stars
Rita Cherrie
3 stars

The only down side is when I put foundation over it . It rolls off my skin. Perhaps it should just be worn on its own, but I have skin blemishes and need some cover.Overall a good moist cream but not as part of your makeup regime.

5 stars

I bought it last year and got myself again. Its great for dull dry skin. Lasts all day long. Recommend to all.

2 stars

I gave 2 stars not one as it works good as moisturiser. Skin looks dewy and healthy. Well... at least on the first day. Its my third attempt and now I can surely 100% confirm it breaks me out like crazy! When I use my vichy moisturiser you won't find a single spot on my skin. Not even redness as my skin is sensitive. After two uses of loreal my face is all covered in spots and blemishes! :( such a shame as I like loreal cosmetics but this one is definetely not for me. As I said I had 3 attempts (over 6 month period) but every time it ended up with spotty face and I am far from being teeneger. I mean it is quite odd when you have dry skin and spots :/

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