Age Perfect Intensive Re-Nourish Serum

Rehydrates, anti-sagging, fades age spots.

Age Perfect Intensive Renourish Serum


Silky Texture, satin soft touch. Concentrated in nourishing ingredients: Golden Honey and extract of Acacia, a source of vitamins, sugars and minerals.

The L'Oréal Paris laboratories developed Age Perfect Extraordinary Serum, enriched with over 10 million micro drops of essential oils:

RESTORING ACTION: Enriched with Pro-Calcium, the Extraordinary Serum helps restore skin with moisture and reinforces the skin’s barrier function.

HYDRATING ACTION: Enriched with a lipid replenishing ingredient, the serum intensely nourishes the skin with moisture to help protect it from feeling dry.

TONING ACTION: Enriched with Peptides, the formula stimulates collagen: +38% more substance*, skin feels more dense and resilient.

RESULTS: skin feels silky-smoooth, hydrated with moisture and looks radiant.

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4 stars

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5 stars

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Moisturising benefits

5 stars
Zabini Review panel member
4 stars

I was pleased to receive the bottle of Age Perfect Intensive Nutrition Serum from L'Oreal. It arrived in a very smart and attractive package and the bottle inside looks just as good. It has a teat pipette to dispense the serum. I found the teat pipette didn't hold enough to put sufficient drops on my face and I had to keep returning it to the bottle but using it as a 'dip stick' to spread the drops on my skin worked perfectly. The serum has a delicate fragrance which I really like. It is light serum and absorbs extremely easily and left my skin feeling well hydrated and smooth. A little serum goes a long way and is non-greasy so a good base for make-up. I'm not sure my fine lines were greatly improved but would like to give it a little more time before making a final judgement. However, my skin does feel very good and hydrated and I really like the way it feels. It doesn't look as tired as it did before I started using the L'oreal serum. I will definitely continue to use the Intensive Nutrition Serum. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Jinksy2007 Review panel member
4 stars

On receiving my Age Perfect Intensive Nutrition Serum free from L'Oreal I was excited to get started on my new skincare regime. The serum soaked very quickly into my skin leaving no trace of oil and a perfect accompliment to my normal skincare creams. It has a wonderful light perfume that does not irritate my sensitive skin and my makeup glides on smoothly. I'm delighted with the plumping of my skin and it's silky feel. To use I put a few drops on the back of my hand and then applied it thus hydrating my hand and well. This was so lovely I applied it all over my neck and upper chest as well. The problem with the dropper system is that as the bottle is used the lid must be screwed on before you squeeze it otherwise you cannot access the serum. Also the glass is opaque so you can't see how much of the lovely liquid is left. This needs to be changed to a pump with a clear strip on the side of the bottle so that I never run out of my now essential skincare. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

heath61 Review panel member
5 stars

I think I've always been one of those people who believe that if something seems too good to be true, there must be a catch... so when I was given the chance to try L'Oreal's Age Intensive Nutrition Serum for free, I must admit that I was a bit dubious! For a start, I have very sensitive skin - and usually have to be super-careful about what skin-care products I choose, and normally go for fragrance-free, hypoallergenic ranges - which usually don't smell of anything much at all. Well L'Oreal's Age Intensive Nutrition Serum smells wonderful - and so right away I was concerned that my skin my react against it. (The photo is me looking rather sceptical, before trying the serum for the first time!) This would have been a huge shame to be honest - because not only did I love the fragrance, but it felt wonderful on my skin too! The serum feels really luxurious to apply, and is absorbed nicely without any trace of greasiness or stickiness. I had definitely been very pleasantly surprised so far, but was half expecting to wake up in the morning covered in a rash! Surely it was too much to hope that I'd be able to use anything as lovely as this, with my sensitive skin? The following morning, my skin looked radiant - and with not the slightest trace on an allergy! I was absolutely delighted - but still convinced that this was too good to be true. So for the next three weeks I continued to use L'Oreal's gorgeous Age Perfect Intensive Nutrition Serum morning and night - and absolutely loving it! And at the end of the trial I hadn't had even the slightest adverse reaction to this wonderfully fragrant and luxurious serum - but did have beautifully soft and glowing skin, and had fallen in love with my 'free gift'! ;) Thanks L'Oreal! I'm delighted to have had the chance to test this gorgeous serum for free - because I'd never have tried it at all otherwise, and would have no idea of the treat I was missing! (And I still have enough left for another month or so too, as a little goes a long way!) I absolutely love it! :) [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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