The best foundation for different skin types

Finding the best foundation for oily skin, dry and combination skin is not easy. We, at L''Oréal Paris are here to help you to make the best choice. Read on!

Choosing the best foundation for oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin

When it comes to picking out the perfect foundation, it’s definitely not one size fits all. Sure, it might look amazing on your friend, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll see the same results when you apply it to your skin. Why? Simple – different skin types have different needs, and what works for someone with oily skin isn’t necessarily going to do the job for a person with dry or sensitive skin. Understanding what type of foundation is going to work best for your skin type can feel like a bit of a chore, so let’s find out together! We’ve put together a quick rundown of what to look for when you’re exploring foundations for dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin. Check it out, right here. 

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The best foundation for oily skin

First up, oily skin. When it comes to the best foundation for oily skin, there are two main objectives: reducing shine and helping your makeup to stay in place. For a natural, second-skin finish that’s awesome for shine resistance, 24h Matte Cover Foundation 130 True Beige could be the right move. Offering long lasting, ultra-resistant matte coverage, it’s a fantastic option for anyone with a naturally oily complexion. 

But resisting shine is only half the battle. Has your makeup started sliding off your face at 1pm slightly too many times for comfort? You’re not alone, and fortunately, there are plenty of foundations for oily skin that could form part of the solution. 24H Fresh Wear Liquid Foundation 390 Ebony is both sweat-proof and transfer-proof, which makes it ideal for people who struggle with their makeup sliding off or transferring due to excess oil. 

For best results, foundations for oily skin should be paired with other mattifying skin care products, including facial cleansers, exfoliates, face masks, and moisturisers. Throughout the day, feel free to touch up your foundation with powder for quick adjustments while you’re on the move. 

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The best foundation for dry skin

If you’re dealing with dry or dull skin, it’s always going to be a challenge to make your skin look lovely and glow-y, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. First off, you’ll probably want to avoid foundations with matte finishes. Sure, they’re trendy, but the flat finish can help to accentuate your skin’s dryness, which should be the last thing on your agenda. So, what’s the best way to go? 

When you’re searching for foundations for dry skin, look for anything offering hydration or luminosity, which makes L’Oréal’s Skin Paradise Tinted Moisturiser a perfect choice! Enriched with aloe vera, ginger, and witch hazel, it’s a great option for anyone after that “no-makeup” feel. Alternatively, you could try the True Match Liquid Foundation, which is enriched with hyaluronic acid, making it ideal for dry, dull, or ageing akin. 

Want some advice? Add a little bit of water to your foundation before you apply it – it’s a smart way to add moisture without ramping up the oiliness. And remember, taking care of dry skin isn’t just about applying the right foundation, but taking it off properly at night – try micellar water to avoid drying your skin out even more!

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The best foundation for combination skin

Lots of people find it difficult to settle on a foundation for combination skin. After all, you need something that won’t make your dry patches dry out even further without exacerbating your oiliness. But combination skin can also be a bit of a boon, as it gives you the freedom to mix-and-match your foundations until you find a pairing that’s perfect for your needs. 

So, last but certainly not least, what’s the best foundation for combination skin? Well, you may be surprised to know that it’s already made an appearance! Although 24H Fresh Wear Liquid Foundation 390 Ebony is great for people with oily skin, it’s also a suitable choice for anyone with combination skin (i.e. oily skin in some parts of your face, dry skin in others). 

Top tip – a matte liquid foundation could be ideal, as it can help to reduce oiliness without being too harsh on the drier areas of your face. 

Want to learn more about the best foundations for dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin? Find your perfect match with L’Oréal’s foundation range, here

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