The Movember Foundation Health Messaging

Across the world, men die on average six years younger than women for reasons that are largely preventable. It doesn’t have to be that way; there are some simple things that can really help your chances of living a healthier, happier and longer life. Here are our top five things we want men to know and do:

1. Know Thy Nuts

What we want men to KNOW: 
• Almost half (47%) of men diagnosed with testicular cancer in the UK
each year are aged under 35
• Regular self examination is important – get down there and get to
Know Thy Nuts

What we want men to DO:
• Get to Know Thy Nuts, get to  know what feels normal for you
• If you find any change take action early
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2. Know The Numbers

What we want men to KNOW: 
• Your risk of developing prostate cancer increases with age, but that  doesn’t mean it’s a disease that only affects old men
• Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men worldwide
• Men who are black, and men who have a family history (a brother or father  with prostate cancer), are 2.5x more likely to get prostate cancer
• Early detection is key:
- If detected early there is 98% chance of survival beyond 5 years
- If detected late there is 26% chance of survival beyond 5 years

What we want men to DO:
• If you’re 50, you should be talking to your doctor about PSA testing. 
• If you’re black, you need to start that conversation at 45
• And if you have a brother or father with prostate cancer in their history, do it  at 45
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3. Make Man Time

What we want men to KNOW: 
• Your mates are important and spending time with them is good for you
• Social connections are a definite factor in helping men avoid depression and in staying mentally well 
What we want men to DO:
• Lock in a time to catch up, prioritise friends
• Catch up regularly, check in and make time
• If you think someone’s not doing too good reach out to them
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4. Talk

What we want men to KNOW: 
• Things happen in life, like difficulties with work or finances, the breakdown of a relationship, overwhelming family responsibilities, or a significant setback
• These challenges can take a serious toll on you, if left unchecked. 
• Many men tough it out and struggle alone
• Talking about the hard stuff in life and taking action when times are tough are proven ways for men to stay healthy and cope with the stress of everyday life

What we want men to DO:

• Do more of the things that make you feel great and help you to de-stress
• Share what’s going on, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed
• Talk. Talk about the hard stuff in life, and the good stuff, and the in-between stuff
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5. Move More

What we want men to KNOW:
• Increasing your levels of physical activity can improve your mental, physical and social health. You’ll feel good
• Being active reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis and kidney disease
• Being active also helps build friendships, promotes good mental health and even encourages men and the people around them to improve other aspects of life like drinking less, quitting smoking and better eating 

What we want men to DO:

• Add more activity to your day, everyday
• Take a walking meeting
• Park further away from the station
• Get off the bus a stop or two earlier
• Instead of the lift, take the stairs
• Cycle to work instead of driving 

If you want to know more about testicular cancer, prostate cancer or mental health and suicide prevention please go to WWW.MOVEMBER.COM/UK

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