Daily SPF Skin Care Routine

Daily SPF Skin Care Routine

While most people are aware how important SPF is for protecting your skin, not everyone uses it daily. Sun protection should be used all year round – not just saved for a day at the beach… 

The good news is, SPF has come a long way from the thick, white sunscreens of our childhood. Now there are multi-action moisturisers to subtly protect your face, even under makeup. 
Here’s how to add an SPF face cream to your year-round morning regime, setting your skin up for the day ahead. 

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Step-by-step SPF skin care routine

Step 1: Cleanse and tone

Although you (hopefully) remove your makeup before bed, you should still start afresh in the morning. Work your favourite cleanser into your skin to remove any impurities. 
Follow this with a toner to invigorate skin pre-makeup and eliminate anything you might’ve missed. In a hurry? Save time with a refreshing two-in-one cleanser and toner, like Micellar water. 

Step 2: Apply your chosen serum

While you have a clean canvas, it’s time to nourish, revitalise and lift your skin with a serum, allowing it to penetrate before you apply your face moisturiser with SPF. A serum can work wonders when used in conjunction with our moisturisers. 

Step 3: Apply eye cream

The skin around your eyes is more delicate than the rest of your face, so it needs a little extra care. That comes in the form of a protective eye cream. Apply each morning around the eye area to help firm and smooth the skin. To further protect your eyes from damage and ageing, note that it’s always best to wear sunglasses when you’re outside to save squinting. 

Step 4: Moisturise with a multi-action SPF face cream

Here’s the extra important bit. Choose a face moisturiser with SPF for daily use and your skin won’t only be hydrated and well-primed for your makeup, it’ll be protected from harmful rays that can cause visible signs of ageing. Our SPF moisturisers are also formulated to tackle existing signs of ageing, making them the ultimate skin care step for instant action and future protection. 
Massage the SPF face cream over the skin in circular motions – the better care you take to make sure it’s even, the bigger the benefit.

Step 5: Apply your makeup 

Et voilà! Your skin should be feeling cleansed, smooth and ready for the day ahead. For extra protection, use a foundation with SPF like True Match, which now comes in 28 shades.

Don’t forget: Although it’s much better to wear a day cream with SPF, it won’t offer full protection on very sunny days. If you are taking a beach trip or working on your tan in direct sunlight, it’s important you use a sunscreen under your makeup and top it up regularly. 

Find the right SPF face cream for ageing skin
Formulated with skin-perfecting and anti-ageing properties, each of our SPF moisturisers offers so much more than just UV protection…

Our most advanced SPF face cream is the L’Oreal Paris Laser Renew SPF 20 Anti Ageing Moisturiser. Not only will you protect from future signs of ageing, but patented Pro-Xylane works little miracles on wrinkles and LHA re-surfaces for smooth, even tone. 

Revitalift Day Cream has a highly-concentrated retinol based formula that helps to refirm and refine the skin, whilst shielding.
Great for dry skin, Age Perfect Golden Age SPF 20 has a high SPF count that helps to protect skin from UV rays, while its neo-calcium-enriched formula helps restore the structure of ageing skin through instant hydration. 
For a restorative SPF face cream, try Age Perfect Cell Renew Day Cream. The unique blend of black tea and truffle helps skin feel more toned, adding radiance and stimulating skin’s natural cell renewal. 
Each of these creams is perfect to use in a daily SPF skin care routine that’ll help keep you looking younger for longer.

To find out more about SPF and how it works to protect our skin, read our expert SPF Q&A here.





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