Studio Pro styling weapons Which will you choose?

Studio Pro styling weapons Which will you choose?

Discover our range of new Studio Pro styling weapons.

Stuck in your styling routine?
Tired of the same look?
Now, try a new look every day; go from Poker Straight on Monday, to Hippie Braids on Wednesday then to Backcomb Bombshell on Friday.

With Studio Pro and our exclusive Double-Hold formula, change your styling routine and shake-up your style!

Studio Pro CURVE IT - A mousse that unleashes curls, beachy waves and mermaid ripples. 

Studio Pro LOCK IT - From braids to tomboy quiffs, three seriously strong holding sprays are for hair that likes to get itself in a fix.

Studio Pro BOOST IT - Discover your inner diva, punk or rocker with this volume plumping spray and mighty mousse. 

Studio Pro SLEEK IT - A super smoothing cream to bring hair into line and create slick lengths or crisp, clean knots in maverick graphic shapes. 

Creativity gets unleashed via a new secret weapon for ultimate fixation.

Our Ultimate Styling Sprays
LOCK IT Strong Fixing Hairspray
LOCK IT Extra Strong Fixing Hairspray
LOCK IT Ultra Strong Fixing Hairspray
BOOST IT Extra Strong Fixing Hairspray

Our Ultimate Styling Mousses 
BOOST IT Volume Mousse
CURVE IT Curl Mousse

Our Ultimate Styling Cream
SLEEK IT Ultra Smoothing Cream

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