How to get silver hair  (and maintain it)

How to get silver hair (and maintain it)

Silver hair colour is seriously on-trend, and people of all ages are rocking the so-called ‘granny look’. Although going for the perfect grey or silver shade can take time, it’s possible to achieve a stand-out silver style without a trip to the salon.
Follow these simple steps and find out how to dye your hair grey or silver from the comfort of your own bathroom. From tools to aftercare, here’s everything you need to know…

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What you’ll need

  • Professional bleach, preferably a salon brand (if you’re not already blonde)
  • Colorista Silver Grey Permanent Gel Hair Dye
  • An old towel to protect your neck, shoulders and clothing
  • Petroleum jelly to stop the dye staining your skin
  • A plastic brush or applicator
  • Post-colour treatment mask (included in the box)
  • A TV programme in mind for the waiting around period!

How to get silver hair at home

Achieving a silver hair colour can be tricky depending on the current colour and condition of your hair. So make sure you’re ready to commit before you take the plunge. If you’re not sure, give silver locks a test drive with Colorista Spray 1-Day Colour in grey. This temporary spray gives an instant grey colour to any hair shade without the need for bleach, and it comes out in one wash.

Once you’ve made your mind up, follow these steps for a striking silver-grey hair colour with Colorista permanent gel hair dye.

Step 1. Prep

Decided permanent grey hair is the look for you? If you can be patient, it’s recommended you wait a few months after you last dyed your hair. This will make sure your hair is in better condition before you bleach it, and will also help the bleach work more effectively as there’s less existing colour for it to strip away.

Before you start the process, you should also give your hair a bit of TLC. Using a deep conditioning treatment like a hair mask a week before you use bleach can help to strengthen the hair.

When it comes to bleaching and colouring, it’s super important you do a skin allergy test at least 48 hours beforehand. You can do this by applying a small amount of the grey hair dye and peroxide behind your ear.

Step 2. Bleach

Unlike darker hair colours, the process of going grey or silver takes longer – you may even need to bleach your hair before you apply the silver hair colour. It’s important you get your hair as light as possible for an even and vibrant result, but be careful of weakening your hair.
Naturally blonde? The process will be much easier. If you’re going from brown to silver hair, you may need to apply bleach more than once before you move onto the silver hair colour.

If you do choose to bleach your hair at home, make sure you’re very careful and you closely follow the product instructions. Cover yourself with an old towel and always wear plastic gloves to keep your skin safe. If in doubt, get a professional to do it.


Step 3. Protect your scalp

One of our favourite beauty hacks: apply a small border of petroleum jelly to your hairline. It’s a great way to prevent any dye staining your skin when colouring your hair.


Step 4. Apply silver hair colour

Now your hair’s nice and light, it’s time to get those shiny silver locks. Use the permanent silver dye in the Colorista box and follow the instructions on the pack.

To make application easier, divide your hair into small sections using clips, and apply the dye to one section at a time, working from the ends upwards.


Step 5. Rinse thoroughly

Rinse your hair thoroughly until the water runs clear. Then, apply the conditioning post-colour mask for a glossy shine.

Now you’re ready to go out and flaunt your new silver style!


Silver hair maintenance

Once you’ve achieved your gorgeous grey or silver look, you’ll want to keep it looking fresh for as long as possible. Replace your regular shampoo with a quality silver shampoo that’s specially formulated to minimise brassy tones and enhance that beautiful colour. Use once every one or two weeks, or when the colour starts to look a little too warm. After bleaching, you should also keep your hair nourished by using Elvive Colour Protect products. They lock-in colour while offering extra hydration and shine.

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