True Match Foundation Director's Cut

Discover 20 stores behind 20 inspirational individuals with True Match foundation. Our number 1 Skin-care infused foundation enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, now matches 98% of UK Skin Tones,

Meet 20 inspirational individuals behind 20 of our 40 shades of True Match foundation. 

Rosie (1.C)

true match directors cut 1c
Rosie is a British YouTuber who tailors her makeup tutorials to those with very pale skin. After years of fighting with her skin tone, she has now decided to embrace being a gorgeous red head with light skin and chooses True Match because it matches her skin tone perfectly. 

Angela (1.N)

true match directors cut 1n
Angela is a broadcaster and a writer from Ireland. It took her a long time to make peace with her porcelain skin, but now she tackles the subject head on and encourages others take ownership of their skin tone. 

Jordan (1.W)

true match directors cut 1w
Jordan started her makeup journey depressed which has now turned into huge success! Her video ‘My Beautiful Struggle’ inspires everyone to be true to who they are no matter what their struggle is. 

Ruth (1.5N)

true match directors cut 15n
Ruth is a former model turned beauty blogger and proud Mummy, who thinks makeup is like putting on high heels because it gives her a boost every time. Her witty sense of humour and trusted recommendations online has been key to her success. 

Lilah (2.C)

true match directors cut 2c
Lilah has modelled for some of the top names in fashion, until she found her true passion – presenting. She now presents for one of the most popular UK radio shows, Capital FM and found confidence in this field because she can be totally true to herself every day. 

Katie (2.N)

true match directors cut 2n
Katie is a TV Presenter and founder of the charity, The Katie Piper Foundation. A victim of an attack where she had sulphuric acid thrown in her face, but this did not get in her way of enjoying makeup and succeeding in life. She spreads confidence and assurance to everyone with an empowering story. 

Suzi (3.C)

true match directors cut 3c
Suzi is a full-time blogger, YouTuber and Mummy, who stresses the importance of brands catering for all skin types including undertones. Her gorgeous complexion and makeup knowledge would make you think she has it all, but she admits her foundation journey has been difficult because of her Asian skin tone. 

Emily (3.N)

true match directors cut 3n
Emily is a fun and bubbly beauty YouTuber. She never feels fully dressed without her foundation on; it’s her go to beauty must-have to achieve that polished look. 

Yanin (3.W)

true match directors cut 3w
Yanin is a beauty and fashion blogger from Thailand, who has struggled to find a shade of foundation for her. She loves to experiment with fashion and her effortless style makes her stand out from the crowd. 

Jane (4.N)

true match directors cut 4n
Jane writes the blog British Beauty Blogger. She is loved for her straight-talking attitude, extensive knowledge of the beauty industry and championing beauty at any age. 

Jada (5.C)

true match directors cut 5c
Jada is a model, campaigner and an ambassador for Young Minds. She is known for challenging the ideals of perfection portrayed by the media, encouraging self-worth and promoting positivity within the fashion industry. 

Kaushal (5.N)

true match directors cut 5n
Kaushal has a bubbly personality and is loved by her followers on YouTube. Her passion for makeup and creativity was fuelled by her Grandma who taught her ways of being creative with makeup.

Lydia (6.N)

true match directors cut 6n
Lydia is a fashion and beauty blogger, with an infectious laugh. She suffered with adult acne that affected her confidence and foundation became her go-to beauty product to get her confidence back. She believes everyone should be able to find the perfect foundation match. 

Sarah-Jane (6.5W)

true match directors cut 65w
Sarah-Jane is a presenter and DJ from South East London, who has had many foundation disasters in the past. She now accepts her skin and uses foundation because she enjoys it rather than because she needs it. 

Yasmin (7.C)

true match directors cut 7c
Yasmin is a social influencer who is half Irish and half Tunisian, and lives in London. Her Instagram page is her sacred place to express who she is and what she loves in life. 

Grace (7.W)

true match directors cut 7w
Grace calls herself ‘The Internet’s Big Sister’ because she loves to help people online and feels she was put on the earth to do this. Her blog and YouTube channel is a mix of beauty, fashion and health related issues, encouraging people to love who they are.

Jennie (8.N)

true match directors cut 8n
Jennie is a beauty and fashion YouTuber from Manchester who is now living in London. She openly talks about the challenges she faced with hyperpigmentation and used foundation to cover and correct those areas.

Ginny (8.W)

true match directors cut 8w
Ginny is a sparkling social influencer who travels the world inspiring afro Caribbean women to love themselves and embrace their true selves. 

Gary (9.C)

true match directors cut 9c
Gary is a beauty blogger and makeup artist form Birmingham. He uses his online platforms to share his makeup knowledge and express who he is. Gary wants to encourage guys and girls to be who they are and wear makeup how they want to. 

AJ (10.C)

true match directors cut 10c
AJ is a TV presenter, DJ and blogger from Blackburn, who didn’t wear makeup growing up because she couldn’t find a shade that matched her.