UK residents aged 16+ only. Entrants must make a purchase by visiting a participating store or have internet access and visit online stores.
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T&Cs to claim/ claim requirements

If you are not completely satisfied with the result obtained from using any L’Oréal Paris Foundation product, L’Oréal Paris will refund the actual price paid, in accordance with these terms and conditions.
Purchase period for refunds is from 26/08 - 06/10 for purchases made from retailers (instore and online)  
To obtain your refund go to and fully complete the online form and submit this online together with: 
A scanned copy of a valid receipt showing the retailer and date of your purchase of L’Oréal Paris True Match foundation. 
A picture following the application of L’Oréal Paris True Match Product. This must be a picture that is taken on the same day that you applied the L’Oréal Paris Foundation Product. 
Submissions for refunds which do not include the items listed above will be rejected.
L’Oréal Paris foundation brands eligible for Money Back Guarantee: True Match foundation.
Only one refund is available per person per household.
This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.
All personal details will be deleted 30 days after the end of the campaign.
By participating in this promotion entrants automatically agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.
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