Vitamin C benefits for the skin: eat your veg to get glowing!

It is hard to imagine all the good things vitamin C can do for us. Known for its anti-fatigue and anti-cold properties, this star among vitamins must not be forgotten in the winter; it offers a range of benefits in our daily life and can play a major role in the health of our skin. Here's why.

Vitamin C for glowing skin

Looking tired with dull skin? Reach for the vitamin C! As well as being plentiful in many fruit and vegetables (cabbage, citrus fruits, spinach, broccoli, peppers…), it can increasingly be found in our everyday cosmetics, often in the form of derivatives (L-ascorbic acid and others), thanks to vitamin C's benefits for the skin. Ascorbic acid; another name for vitamin C; is the key ingredient for skin radiance: it detoxes tissues, wakes up the epidermis by stimulating it and improves the appearance of your pores. Your skin tone gets brighter and you get your radiance back. Smokers or the stress-prone must not abstain! 
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Vitamin C for younger looking skin

Another vitamin C benefit for the skin is that it acts as a powerful antioxidant that can neutralise free radicals by transforming them into compounds that are harmless to the skin. Given that these free radicals are responsible for premature skin ageing, one of the main benefits of vitamin C comes to the fore: it is a real weapon against wrinkles! The tensing effect of ascorbic acid boosts production of collagen to give the skin a dense, firm look. 
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Vitamin C protects and repairs

Vitamin C's antioxidant role in prolonging youthful skin is well known. But, did you know that these same antioxidant properties mean that vitamin C protects skin cells against sun damage? Vitamin C strengthens the skin's natural protective barrier, thus reinforcing its resistance. Meanwhile, by regulating melanocyte activity; which is responsible for skin pigmentation such as dark spots; vitamin C can repair skin damaged by sun exposure.
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