How to achieve the perfect hairstyle for special occasions with Elnett

We’ve all missed out on a lot this past year, but once the vaccine has finished rolling out, we’ve got no doubt that special occasions are going to return with a vengeance. But there’s one problem: those unloved lockdown locks. How can you ensure that your hair is back to its best for your suddenly packed social calendar? Not to fear, because there are some easy, elegant solutions to your hair woes, thanks to Elnett.

What are the best special occasion hairstyles?

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From weddings to birthdays, anniversaries to new births, special occasions mean dressing to impress, and that includes your hair. Before you run to the salon for an intricate do, you might like to know that special occasion hairstyles can be easily achieved at home. All you need is a little patience and our iconic haircare line – Elnett. Here are a few simple-to-do, gorgeous-to-wear styles that are perfect for any special occasion. 

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Before you start: protect hair from heat

Perfectly styled hair will usually require a heated encounter, so be sure you use some L’Oréal heat protection. Failure to protect hair from heat can lead to damaged, dry hair, as well as unwanted frizz.

Perfect for curls, waves, and hair with height, Elnett Heat Protection Spray Volume uses a triple-action formula that keeps hair shiny and soft. Plus, flyaways are minimised to keep styles looking voluminous for up to three days. For making hair straight and sleek, Elnett Heat Protection Spray is specially adapted to straightening routines, protecting hair from heat exposure up to 230°C, leaving locks smooth, soft, and sleek for up to three days. 

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Curly styles

Curls are classic and look gorgeous on everyone, even those with shorter hair. Wear them long, tie them up, or just add a little bounce to the ends of your hair, the choice is yours!
Hair prep is key, so make sure damp hair is ready for styling, not just with an Elnett heat protection spray, but with an Elnett mousse. Mousse helps smooth and tame hair starting right at the root, giving a real boost to beautiful curls. Elnett Satin Strong Hold Curl Mousse provides the hold of a mousse, while also caring for your hair like a cream to nourish hair, banish frizz, and ensure perfectly defined curls.

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How to scrunch hair

Another option for easy, breezy curls is to scrunch your hair. It’s the perfect way to give shape and curl to straight hair or give body to natural curls without using heat. Starting with damp hair, apply your choice of Elnett mousse and lean you head forwards so your hair is hanging down in front of you. Using a diffuser on your hairdryer, start to blow dry your hair while simultaneously scrunching the hair with your hands. Flip your hair back and lock in place with Elnett Hairspray.
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How to keep curls in hair

Keeping your curls intact starts with your mousse, so make sure your hair is prepped for long-lasting perfection. Once your curls are set, lock them in place with the gold standard of L’Oréal hair spray, Elnett. The Elnett Extra Strong Hold Shine Hairspray will ensure your curls aren’t going anywhere, all while maintaining natural movement and shine without tell-tale stiffness or residue. Elnett hairspray disappears at the stroke of a brush, so you can simply brush it out and restyle, no shampooing needed.

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Easy updos

It’s easy to amp up your everyday bun or ponytail into something special, as long as you have the right technique and Elnett Hairspray close to hand. A bun can be made beautifully voluminous, or a ponytail made instantly chic and sleek, here’s how.


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Elnett mousse for slicked back ponytails

A truly celeb chic look, the slicked back ponytail has everything to do with perfectly smooth, straight hair, not a flyaway in sight. To achieve this look, opt for the Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Crème Mousse, a deeply nourishing formula that gives superior hold and a beautifully soft finish. 

Scoop up your hair into a high ponytail and use a comb to make sure your hair is perfectly flat and smooth before securing. Using the fine tooth side of your comb, go back over your hair once it’s secured, making sure it’s tightly held. Apply Elnett Flexible Hold Shine Hairspray, ensuring ponytail perfection while letting it move naturally, without the giveaway signs of stiffness and sticky residue.

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Elnett hairspray for voluminous buns

Giving elegant vintage vibes, a voluminous low bun is an elegant option for all sorts of special occasions. You’ll need to do a little bit of backcombing to get the perfect lift, so make sure your hair is smooth and soft in preparation – Elnett Satin Strong Hold Volume Mousse is just the thing, delivering volume to the hair from root to tip. A large barrelled brush is your friend here, helping to apply lift right from the scalp. Backcombing will help lift and sculpt the hair. Make sure to smooth over the very top for a flawless finish, and for gorgeous shine, apply a generous spritz of Elnett Shine Dull Hair Strong Hold Hairspray to keep your bun right where you want it. 
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Make special occasions even more special with Elnett

The shining icon of L’Oréal hair spray, Elnett has been around since 1960, offering superior performance to the finest of hair stylists and everyday users alike. The much-loved, tried and tested products offered by Elnett will ensure extra special haircare for those special occasions. Find out how to unlock your hair fantasies with a helping hand from L’Oréal with our hairstyling range.
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