Beauty Sleep: How A Night Serum Can Encourage Skin Renewal

Most of us have heard the term “beauty sleep” since we were kids – but it turns out it’s not just a trick your parent’s used to get you to go to bed. Our body does lots of rest and repair work while you’re asleep and that impacts on your overall health and appearance, including in your skin. We’ve broken down the science behind beauty sleep as well as putting together some top tips of how you can get the most out of our 8 (or more!) hours.

Is beauty sleep real?

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So, what is the link between sleep and beauty? It turns out there are lots! First of all, your skin produces collagen while you’re asleep. Collagen helps keep your skin looking plump and youthful and can keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. The more you sleep, the more time your body has to produce additional collagen.

Sleep is also thought to help improve blood circulation, which is essential for keeping your skin looking fresh and flush. Dark circles and bags under the eyes can be symptoms of poor circulation and a lack of sleep – so more snoozing can mean a better glow.

Your body’s cells also turnover more quickly overnight. This means your body produces new cells that help repair and regenerate your organs, including your skin. Increased skin cell turnover helps reduce dead and dry skin, leaving you looking refreshed and rejuvenated.

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5 sleep and beauty tips for healthy looking skin

Drink water before bed

Hydration is an essential part of keeping your skin looking fresh and healthy. If you struggle to get enough water throughout the day, making sure you drink some just before bed is a great way to boost your overall intake and fend off dry and tired skin. 

Cleanse your skin (and remove your make-up) at night

When you’re tired, it can be tempting to just crawl into bed with your full face of makeup still on. However, sleeping with makeup on can cause irritation and inflammation – especially for those with sensitive skin. Removing your makeup and cleansing you skin sets you up for the best possible night’s sleep and allows you to reap the benefits of overnight cell regeneration. 

Moisturise and apply renewal serum before you sleep

As well as removing your makeup, adding a night-time skincare routine into your pre-bed ritual can be a great way to take care of your skin. Moisturiser helps lock in hydration and look after your skin’s natural barrier while a renewal serum that supports the skin is a great way to make the most of overnight repair.

Practice good sleep hygiene

To get the full benefits of sleep, make sure you’re getting enough of it. There are lots of ways to improve both your sleep quality and quantity. Setting a regular schedule that involves going to bed and waking up around the same time can help your body adapt while avoiding stimulants like caffeine and screens for a good period before you try to sleep may make it easier to drift off.

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Night serums to encourage overnight skin renewal

A night serum for your face is a great way to lock in all the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Our Midnight Serum is designed to aid overnight cell renewal with hyaluronic acid that helps lock in moisture. It melts in easily with a non-sticky texture that feels light and comfortable for sleeping in and is effective on all skin types and tones. This serum can also be applied in the morning to help form a barrier against free radicals during the day, protecting your skin and your natural glow. 

 Ready to reap the benefits of a full night’s sleep – and a full night’s skincare routine? Try our Midnight Serum, which leaves skin looking younger, brighter and more luminous!

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