Lockdown skin care routine: DIY skin care at home

We know it’s important to look after your skin whilst stuck at home during lockdown. Being exposed less to the outside and more to the comforts of your couch will still have an effect on your face, so an at-home skincare routine is essential.

Remember, we can’t ignore that stress has a factor in the health of your skin as well. Your body and skin can take a while to adjust to a change in routine. You might be exercising more or wearing less makeup at home, but it could still take a while for your body to get adjusted and push all the bad toxins out of your system.

Sleep can have a major impact on your skin, too. If you’ve had disrupted sleep or a more odd bedtime schedule, you may find it affecting your skin a little more than usual.

Here we’ve tried to break down a simple and effective routine to keep your skin glowing whilst handling your video calls. From facials at home to general relaxation tips, we have you covered to create a new daily skincare routine at home.

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Morning skincare: Focus on hydration

The morning is the best time to start. You’ll need to cleanse your skin, washing away any oil that has accumulated on your face during your time catching the Z’s. We would recommend our Fine Flowers Cleansing Milk. Featuring sweet-smelling rose and jasmine you can expect a delightful floral scent to your face to help you feel refreshed. Start by grabbing a cotton pad and sweep over your face and neck, touching every area that needs to be cleansed. 

Straight after cleansing you are going to want to apply a moisturiser to lock in the hydration, such as our Age Perfect Re-Hydrating Day Cream, which is designed to smooth out the ageing effects of skin and boost hydration. You could also try our Age Perfect Golden Age Cream, which is great for brightening dull skin and helps to restore your natural glow. Simply apply to your face (avoiding the eye contours) using a circular motion so the cream can sink nicely into your skin. You’re now ready to crack on with your day!

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Evening routine

Once you’ve cleansed away the impurities of the day, you’ll want to introduce a hydrating serum to help plump the skin. Try our Filler Renew Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Wrinkle Serum, charged with 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate your skin whilst smoothing and plumping any wrinkles while you sleep. To make it powerful, we’ve used two different types of Hyaluronic Acid. One has larger molecules that sit on the top of your skin for external hydration, whilst the other penetrates deeper into your skin to boost from within.

Finally, use a hydrating moisturiser to lock in the serum’s goodness. Try our Hydra Genius Liquid Care Moisturiser, a lightweight formula which penetrates quickly and deeply - so no mess on your pillow while you sleep!

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Weekly at-home facial

Remember, it’s important to treat yourself at the end of a busy week. Relax, put your feet up and perhaps try our Pure Clay Detox Mask as your weekly treat and spa day. Made with Kaolin, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul to name a few, you’ll be getting a facial at home that is rich in minerals, helping your skin to feel purer and clearer while you relax! 

This powerful blend of three clays is perfect to perform once a week during your new at-home skin routine. Just remember that this is time for yourself to unwind, so don’t be afraid to put on some soothing tunes, grab a book and relax. 

To help you identify the best way to care for your skin, check out our Skin Genius skin analysis tool, which helps identify your skin's current needs, especially during lockdown.

Are you interested in browsing our extensive L’Oreal Skincare range? Check out our array of skincare products for you to start your new daily skincare routine at home.

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