For dry, frizzy, rebellious hair
Hair is instantly tamed and smoothed

Come rain or shine, frizz and flyaways can cause your hair to appear rough-looking and messy, leaving you wondering how to get a smooth appearance. 

Whether it's humidity from the heating during the winter, a hazy drizzle during your commute or you're just born with it, L'Oréal Paris have created an expert formula to tame and keep frizzy, unruly hair under control. 

The Elvive Smooth-Silk collection boasts smoothing shampoos, caring conditioners and anti-frizz serums, allowing you to trust L'Oréal Paris to care of your hair.

<span style="font-size: 32px;"><strong>For dry, frizzy, rebellious hair</strong><br>
Hair is instantly tamed and smoothed</span><br>

Elvive Smooth Silk


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