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Lash Architect

Construct the lashes of your dreams
with L’Oréal Paris’ first false-lash effect mascaras

Cloak lashes in the ultra-black L’Oréal Paris Lash Architect formulas to add depth, drama and length to your eye make-up, and achieve a glamorous false lash effect. 

For lashes with no limits, introduce Lash Architect 4D into your make up bag. Fortified with 4mm fibres, this length-defying product allows wearers to enjoy fuller looking lashes with added volume. Lash Architect also features the exclusive L’Oréal Paris Spiral Brush, for easy and even application. Build your beautiful lash look today. 

<span style="font-size: 24px;"><strong>Construct the lashes of your dreams</strong><br>
with&nbsp;L&rsquo;Or&eacute;al Paris&rsquo; first false-lash effect mascaras</span>

Lash Architect


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