color-riche-eye-primer-color-riche-eye-primer-base-01-Color Riche Eye Primer Base 01

Color Riche Eye Primer

Instantly smoothes and preps lids

Color Riche Eyeshadow Primer

Color Riche Eye Primer Base 01
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Our 1st creamy eye primer pen for exalted colour and exalted hold.

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Eye Primer helps to protect eye shadows against creasing, smudging and flaking.

Our new colour riche eye shadow primer helps protect against creasing, smudging and flaking.

2 uses - 1 pen
1. Create a smooth surface
Apply along your lid to the areas you wish to apply shadow. This will create a smooth surface to apply shadow too giving you exalted colour and hold.

2. Add Colour around your eyes
Open up your eyes by applying the primer to the dark areas around your eyes for a natural looking glow.

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Love the creamy texture and the easy application, perfect on its own or as a base under eye shadow. I expected it to twist up from the bottom but when it didn't I looked at the other reviews and ended up hacking off the bottom black bit and then pushing it up from inside - easy - and leads more inside!

4 stars

Good applications, glides on very well and is a nice shade so it doesn't leave a too light of under colour like others I've had before. It leaves makes your eye lids smoother to put your eyeshadow on does the main job which is to prime your lids my eye make up deffo stay on for much longer. Only fault is that I thought you screw the bottom to raise more which you don't so once you use up what you have that's it.

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Don't waste your money on it.. It makes no difference

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