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Infallible Matte Max Lip Colours

From ombre to full matte colour, up to 8hr wear.

Matte impact, max effects


Work the matte trend with our 1st make-up designer lip pen. Sculpt and blend your way to infinite looks from gradient to ombre to full bold colour.

Enriched with micro-oils for a velvet-soft feel for up to 8 hours.

Infallible Matte Max Lip Pen:
A sponge applicator to blend and blur the colour + a precision tip to sculpt the contours of your lip.

Design your look:

Step 1: Press the sponge applicator into the lid which holds the matte colour.

For the Ombre look: Create the appearance of fuller lips in an instant, using two tones to highlight and give depth.

Apply your favourite shade to the outer edges of your lip and blend gradually into the centre, creating a gradient from dark to light.

Leave the inner cushion of your lips lighter or bare to reflect where the light would naturally hit for a true ombre effect.

For the Two-Tone Ombre look: Mix two contrasting colours together with the darkest shade on the outer lip and the lighter shade on the inner lip for the ultimate on-trend look.

For the Bold Matte look: Apply evenly across the lip, using the precision tip to highlight the lip contours for a perfectly sculpted pout.

Designer Tip
"Apply concealer onto your lips before applying Infallible Matte Max for an ombre look with a stronger gradient effect."

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Value for money

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while the idea of this product is good thought it would be a liquid but its powder in the lid and its very gimmicky doesnt have good coverage of colour you can still see your actual lips which isnt a good look i tried it on top of my liquid lipstick that is in the same colour but is streaky so thought this would add that little bit more coverage to set but didnt work it took the lipstick underneath off

3 stars

The colour is nice but really dry and doesnt stay on the lips at all only use twice then have to stop because it'snt the lip matte i looking for.

3 stars

I thought this was going to be a liquid but its actually a powder lipstick. It feels horrible on application, but once it settles it feels like you're wearing nothing at all. The colour isn't for me, but it is pretty. However, it's definitely not Infallible. It comes off with any drinks, food or even just licking it off hte lips.

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