men-expert-hydra-energetic-shower-gel-Shower Gel

Men Expert Hydra Energetic

High performance shower gel to jump start your morning. 100% engineered for men.

Taurine Shower Gel

Shower Gel
4 stars

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Our 1st Men Expert shower gel enriched with Taurine combined with a fresh fragrance to jump-start your morning.

Feel fresh and clean with Hydra Energetic, no matter how late last night was. Instantly refresh & clean.

Give yourself an instant kick-start in your shower with Hydra Energetic shower gel.

• Energising and woody fragrance

The ultimate 3 in 1 shower gel for face, body and hair.

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47 Reviews

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4 stars


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5 stars

Moisturising benefits

3 stars
5 stars

I am verry happy with this order and I hopped you will have it in future

4 stars

I got this for my partner a few weeks back and it has such a masculine strong fragrance it's perfect. It would definitely wake you up in the mornings it's refreshing and lasts on the skin all day.

4 stars

I looo...vvv...eee this product. L'Oréal can be proud of their shower gel bottles as they are without doubt the best bottles on the market and the orange colouring is defiantly an eye catcher. It's also an item I enjoy using & actually look forward each day to using so you will enjoy this product but here are a few tips of L'Oréal do read these things:
The lid for the bottle being at the bottom is a bit of a downfall. Because the lid sits at the bottom with no option to stand the product the other way round when you open it, some the contents fall in to the bath meaning you lose quite a bit of it which is wasted so it helps to ensure you have you flannel/sponge (or whatever you use) under the lid when you open it making sure those contents don't fall away in the bath and get wasted but instead end up in your chosen cleaning method.
I always feel clean after using this product and the smell is brilliant however I do wish it was stronger. An example of this would be the Dove + Men Care range. If you have used their shower gel range, they also smell great and their smells lingers long after you have left the shower so the beautiful smell it produces stays with you for a while. I am finding with the L'Oréal one that the beautiful smell is being wasted somewhat as it is not very strong. It is there but very faint.
I deffo would promote this product to friends and when you mates use your bathroom they will notice this so well done L'Oréal on a cracking product. If you could just look at the items mentioned above, it would be even better!

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