What is brow lamination

The term “eyebrow lamination” might conjure up long-forgotten memories of office supplies or school worksheets, but it’s also an innovative beauty technique – originating in Russia – that could be a shortcut to Cara Delevingne-style eyebrows. But is it the right choice for you? Find out everything you need to know about brow lamination, as well as some of the alternatives that you may want to explore instead. Firstly, what is eyebrow lamination?

What are laminated brows?

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Eyebrow lamination, also referred to as brow sculpt or brow lift, is a beauty process that restructures your eyebrow hairs, ensuring that they all go in the same direction. In other words, it’s like a perm for your eyebrows, helping to make your brow hair stay straight and brushed up. It can be an excellent procedure for anyone who has tough, unruly hairs, as well as those who’ve lost brow hair through ageing or overwaxing. 

So, how does brow lamination work? First, you paint lifting cream onto your brows, breaking down the bonds in each hair. Then, you brush the hairs upwards and apply a neutraliser, which ensures that your eyebrow hairs stay put, now that they’re in their new shape. Finally, you’ll use nourishing oil to help replenish your brows’ moisture levels, which is vital after a chemical treatment. 

The whole process shouldn’t take longer than one hour, and while prices vary, you can expect to pay around £40 to £50.

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Eyebrow lamination vs. microblading

Eyebrow lamination and microblading have crucial differences you should keep in mind. Let’s go back to that idea of lamination being a kind of perm for your eyebrows. By contrast, microblading is more like a tattoo. Essentially, the microblading process adds light strokes to your brows with tiny, fine-point needles, depositing pigment under your skin to help create realistic, natural-looking hair. 

Like eyebrow lamination, microblading isn’t permanent, but the colour won’t fade until after around 18 months. In some cases, it can last for up to three years. While both techniques give the effect of full and flawless brows, the main point of difference revolves around the process itself. Brow lamination focuses on your natural eyebrow hairs, whereas microblading provides the appearance of fuller brows via semi-permanent tattoo. 

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How long does brow lamination last?

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One of the crucial disadvantages associated with brow lamination is the fact that it lasts for a relatively long amount of time. Depending on your treatment, the effects can remain for as long as eight weeks. If you’re only looking for eyebrow treatment and you don’t want something that long-lasting, eyebrow lamination may not be the best choice. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options!

L’Oréal offers lots of other eyebrow products that can help you achieve your #browgoals but don’t require a 2-month commitment. Take the Plump & Set Brow Serum, for example. Giving you more robust, thicker-looking brows, this clear gel serum can be a great option. All you need to do is apply it before makeup (morning and night, if possible) to enhance your favourite brow products. 

If you’re looking for a brow gel, L’Oréal’s Plump & Set 105 Brunette could be perfect. Giving you a fuller look in a couple of strokes, it’s a fantastic option for plumped up, volumised brows. Plus, it only works for up to 24 hours. There’s also Unbelieva'brow, a 2-in-1 brow tint and gel formula that can give you natural, fuller-looking eyebrows in just 90 seconds. Unbelieva’brow is easily removable with makeup remover or wipes. 

You can count on L’Oréal for eyebrow gels and precision pencils. Explore the full collection and start working on your perfect brows

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