How to maintain your blonde locks at home

Honestly, is there anything better than walking out the salon with freshly cut and dyed luscious blonde tresses and as the saying goes ‘blondes have more fun’, but maintaining those golden locks can be a real hassle. We spend a lot of time striving for the perfect shade for our hair, while also contending with the elements to keep our locks at their prime. Only for pollution, UV exposure, root growth and dehydration to be working in cahoots to undo all of our hard work. Well fear not, we’ve got the lowdown on how to achieve and maintain your blonde locks at home.

Assuming you’re already a blonde babe, then read on below to find our top tips for keeping that golden glow in check, if you’re toying with the idea of going blonde then why not try our L’Oréal Casting Créme Gloss, a semi-permanent treatment that lasts for up to 28 washes. The UK’s NO.1 No Ammonia* formula comes with a conditioner enriched with honey, leaving hair looking sun-kissed and natural with an exceptional shine.

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Keep brassiness at bay

As time between dyes increases the potential for brassiness to peek through does too, keep those brassy tones at bay by washing hair with a purple shampoo once a week. L’Oréal Elvive Colour Protect Anti-Brassiness Shampoo, is specially formulated for colour correction to counteract any orange and yellow undertones that may be lingering in the hair follicles. On the days in-between, use a colour protecting shampoo such as our L’Oréal Elvive Colour Protect Shampoo to enhance and protect your blonde tones.

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Cool rinse only

Admittedly this isn’t the easiest one, but washing hair on a cold rinse has endless benefits such as; reducing hair loss, locking in colour and increasing shine.
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Reflect the light with an oil

You know hair is healthy when it has that luminous shine to it like in the adverts, and the secret to that shine is using an illuminating oil like our L’Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil for Coloured Hair that leaves blonde locks enhanced and nourished. This oil is also enriched with 6 flower extracts. 
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Stay out of the sun

Although sun-kissed locks is the look we’re trying to achieve, direct exposure to sunlight can actually cause more harm than good to coloured hair. The UV rays dry out and damage the hair follicle, not to mention speed up colour fade, leaving hair looking dull and dry. Throw on a hat when you’re out in the sun, or if that’s not your thing then apply a small amount of L’Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil for Coloured Hair through your lengths for protection.

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