How To Tame Frizzy And Fly Away Hair

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You’ve got your dream wavy locks, but what about when your hair starts to get a little frizzy with those frustrating flyaways? It can be incredibly annoying, particularly if you’ve got somewhere to be, but how can you manage the frizz? We all want to know how to manage frizzy hair - well, wonder no more.

Once you understand what causes frizzy hair, you can get to grips with the best ways to manage it – although they might differ a little from individual to individual. To get the lowdown on how to tame frizzy hair, and the best frizzy hair products to try, read on. 

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What causes frizzy hair?

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Let’s consider the outer layer of your hair, also known as the cuticle. When your hair is dry and lacking in moisture, it can become pretty rough – add in some humid weather, and you might find yourself with a bit of frizz.

When the dry cuticle takes in moisture from the air, your hair can start to swell and frizz up. Your cuticle’s layers should lie flat, but for dry hair in humid weather this doesn’t always happen. Instead, the cuticles can open up and give your hair that all-too-familiar but rather unpleasant frizzy look.

Fortunately, however, there are things you can do – and frizzy hair products you can try – to reduce flyaways and frizz. Why not give them a try?

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How to reduce frizzy hair and flyaways

So, now you know what causes it – what can you do about it? Here’s how to tame frizzy hair.

Oils and serums can really help when it comes to dealing with frizz. Our Dream Lengths Long Hair Frizz Killer Serum is specially designed for long, frizzy hair and can be left in once applied to damp hair, while our Elvive Extraordinary Oil can be used by all hair types and leaves your locks looking shiny and soft.

As for flyaways, hairspray can be a great help. Elnett Strong Hold Hairspray gives a fine spray for a strong hold without sacrificing movement, and there’s no stiffness, stickiness or visible residue. If you’re on the go, it’s available in travel size too, fitting easily in your handbag. In a pinch, however, you can even use a spare toothbrush to slick down flyaways along your hairline.

If extra high-shine, glossy locks are what you’re after, you might want to give our Dream Lengths Wonder Water a try. Just remember, it’s designed for smooth, glossy hair rather than frizzy hair, which means that it’s something you might want to try before your hair starts to get frizzy. It transforms hair in just 8 seconds, making it 10x smoother with a glossy shine. Use the rinse-out treatment two or three times a week after shampooing for best results.

If you want to nip the frizzy hair problem in the bud, it might be time to ditch the cotton pillowcase and go for something satin or silk. In contrast to cotton, these materials help your hair remain frizz-free; cotton absorbs moisture, drying out your locks, whereas silk and satin retain moisture. Use a satin or silk pillowcase to keep your hair’s oils in place – your mane will thank you in the morning!

Likewise, it’s good idea to get regular trims, as this can help to reduce breakage and split ends. You don’t need to make any drastic changes to your style, rather, just stay on top of things. Whether you go for regular trims or not, it makes sense to use a heat protection product, like our Elnett Heat Protect Styling Spray. Its triple-action formula not only protects from heat damage but also keeps your hair looking smooth, feeling soft and locking out frizz. 

If you’re still wondering how to manage frizzy hair and are looking for the right product to tame your frizz, why not take a look at the rest of Elvive’s range?

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