Our first hair care range  with essential oils

Our first hair care range with essential oils

Fighting dandruff doesn’t have to be a chore. The Phytoclear range is enriched with a blend of 3 Pure Essential Oils for hair. You can target visible flakes and indulge your senses with our fragrant formulas which contain oils for hair, including cedar and peppermint oil, and Octolamine.

Essential oils have been used in beauty rituals for centuries. They are aromatic plant extracts obtained after heating and condensation. The oils are derived from different parts of the plant such as the stem, bark, roots, seeds, leaves, fruit or flowers. 

The Phytoclear range is enriched with 3 of the following luxurious oils for hair:  

Tea Tree essential oil: native to Australia and so called because the leaves were used to make tea by English explorers. This distillation of its leaves produces a rich aroma reminiscent of fresh-cut pine leaves. 

Lemongrass essential oil: any visitor to Asia will recognise the delicious lemony aroma of Lemongrass where it is a popular ingredient in cooking. Our Lemongrass oil is cultivated in Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Peppermint essential oil: distilling the leaves and flowers of this delicate plant produces an essential oil with a strong, fresh and spicy fragrance. Our peppermint oil for hair is derived from peppermint grown in France, Italy and India.

Lavender essential oil: Lavender is a historic ingredient originally used in Ancient Rome to perfume bath water. Its name therefore comes from the Latin ‘lavare’ (to wash). Our lavender grows wild in the mountains of southern France between 600 and 2,000 meters. Lavender oil for hair has a soft and calming fragrance. 


Geranium essential oil: cultivated for centuries, its aromatic leaves release a powerful lemony-rose scent when crumpled. Our flowers are grown in Egypt. It is known for its anti-oxidant properties.

Cedar essential oil: the Cedrus atlantica, or Atlas Cedar, is a conifer with bluish needles native to North Africa. The distillation of its wood produces cedar oil - an essential oil with a sweet, woody scent.

Bergamot essential oil: Bergamot is a yellow citrus fruit. It has an acidic and fresh aroma. Bergamot oil is obtained by pressing and grating the zest of the fresh fruit. 

Lemon-Scented Tea Tree oil: the lemon-scented tea tree is part of the myrtle family, just like the narrow-leaved tea tree. It grows in the wild in the tropical forests of Australia and its name comes from the lemony aroma it exudes.


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