Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello

Singer-songwriter Camila Cabello is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. With a captivating voice and indisputable star quality, the recently launched solo artist has come a long way from her early teen days, where she wrote songs in her Miami bedroom before the unpredictable turn she took in 9th grade when she auditioned for X factor.

Camila shines alongside chart topping artists like Bruno Mars. The Talented It-Beauty who already spares no efforts in advocating for social causes now joins the L’Oréal Paris family of spokespersons. For the exotic beauty born from Cuban-Mexican roots, “beauty is the way that you share yourself as a person.”

“I’m so excited to join this multicultural, multi-talented family of creatives, actresses, singers, models, people going after their goals and following their inner voice. I’m grateful for this incredible opportunity to work together to create empowering, uplifting campaigns that really speak to women and girls from all over. Not to mention getting to shoot in Paris!!! For all of you making your own dreams out there, ‘We’re worth it!’” Camila Cabello

"You Can Do The Impossible"
In 2012, the 15-year-old girl from Miami, asked her mum to take her to audition for a TV show called the X Factor. There she sang to an audience for the very first time and certainly not the last. Instead of celebrating her coming of age Quinceañera, Camila Cabello began her sensational career in the all-girl group Fifth Harmony. As one of the five teenage girls catapulted into pop fame, with multiple hit singles and video views into the billions.

In December ‘16, following the massive success of her chart topping double platinum single, Bad Things, Camila leapt to a solo career to focus on her own music and give her fans what she describes as “a big chunk of my heart.”

"Let The Music Lift You Up"
The freedom to create her own music has seen Camila Cabello grow into a solo artist with a beautifully distinctive sound. Coming into her own as a songwriter she was able to explore what is most important to her in music, sharing stories and emotions. Crying in the Club has evolved from her intimate expression of raw emotion to beloved club anthem.

"Go Girls, We Are Magical As Hell"
Besides making music, the star uses her voice to bring awareness to issues close to her heart. Always connected to her Cuban-Mexican heritage, Camila Cabello tells her family’s story of making it as an immigrant in the U.S and stands with the LGBTQ community. She stops at nothing and brings her influence to charities like Save the Children and incredible talent to fundraiser concerts. A vocal driver of women’s empowerment, when Camila was named one of 2016’s most influential teens by Time, her reaction was heart-warming: “Can’t think of anything better than to be recognised for than using my voice to be an activist for positive change in the world.”

“We are so proud to welcome Camila Cabello to L’Oréal Paris. She’s a natural-born performer, whose voice and music both moves and connects people. Her journey from Cuba to America as a child to solo artist is a story of conquering fears to go after what you want and stand for what you believe. Asking Camila to join our family of talented spokespersons is a celebration of empowerment, of aiming high while remaining real.” Pierre-Emmanuel Angeloglou, L’Oréal Paris Global President.

"I’m grateful for this incredible opportunity to work together to create empowering, uplifting campaigns that really speak to women and girls from all over."

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