Isabelle Adjani

Isabelle Adjani

Isabelle Yasmina Adjani was born in Paris on the 27th June 1955 and is known for her talents in acting and singing. She is one of the most acclaimed French actresses of all time and is most renowned for her performances in Possession, One Deadly Summer and Skirt Day.

Isabelle is bilingual, speaking fluent German and French, and is also a five time winner of the César Award for Best Actress.


1. What does it mean for you to be a L'Oréal spokesperson?
To represent the brand's values among women and to represent these women in the public space because for me, a L'Oréal ambassador's role goes beyond beauty products. I find a feminist vision of beauty which is first and foremost, a question of wellbeing, synonymous with both self-esteem and respect.

2. What is your understanding of L'Oréal Paris tagline "Because I'm Worth it"?
I'm worth it also says to women 'you're worth it:' looking after yourself, taking care of yourself, standing up for yourself are a priority. Among the values we have, is our value in our own eyes.

3. What gives you confidence?
Kindness and respect. The love of others reinforces self-love. When the look people direct at you is judgemental, or reproving, confidence disappears.

4. People always say that French beauty is free, unapologetic and effortless. A poem by Silesius. "The rose is without why. The rose flowers to be in flower. Unconscious of herself/Without wondering if she is seen." Are you the new beautiful French Marianne?
I prefer to stand for feminist values than for an entire country. Less is more!

5. You have a magnetic beauty but don't hesitate to hide it for a movie. What is beauty's role for you?
Beauty creates emotion, emotion creates beauty. Beauty moves body and soul and turns you upside-down into the unknown, only to find yourself again. Beauty allows all art forms to captivate us with emotion.


1. What are your projects for 2018-2019?
In cinemas, "The world is yours" by Romain Gavras, out on August 22 nd selected at the Director's Fortnight at Cannes 2018. And I'm preparing a film directed by Virginie Despentes about the relationship between Suzanne Valadon and Maurice Utrillo: two films which portray the mother/son relationship, from very distinct perspectives.

In theater, at the Avignon Festival, but also Lyon and the Grignan Festival and possibly Paris, reading the letters written between Albert Camus and Maria Casarès with Lambert Wilson. And with director Cyril Teste, the rewriting of Opening Night by John Cassavettes, which we're producing as performance readings.

2. As a woman committed to causes, which would you like to defend the most?
Women's rights and equality between women and men. It's not that womankind is the future of mankind but that equality between woman and men is the future of humanity. "The admission of women to full equality would be the most convincing hallmark of civilisation and it would double the intellectual forces of the human race" it's not a militant feminist who wrote these words but Stendhal in the 19 th Century. These words guide my commitment.

3. As a mother, what do you wish for your children and the next generation?
That they seize their future to preserve our planet, their shared home. With all the talk about what we need to do for future generations, we lose sight that they're already here and that they can take their destiny, our destiny, in hand. Let's ask them to act, for themselves and for us. My vision of the future is only one of solidarity, if the planet is in trouble, if the next generation is in danger then my sons will not be able to live in happiness in a healthy and peaceful world.


1. What is your daily beauty routine?
Express makeup is my most usual routine: moisturising followed by a tinted complexion booster Bonjour Nudista or if I have a long day ahead, Infallible 24 hour powderfoundation. Colour onto cheeks with the "Accord Parfait Highlight Fluide" onto the bridge of the nose and the cupid's bow, I really value these two touches of freshness. Longwear Infallible lip liner rather than lipstick and the Volume Million Lashes mascara.

2. How do you get ready for a red-carpet evening?
The evening before, meditation and the overnight mask Revitalift Filler Hyaluronic Mask which really takes away tiredness away. From morning, using the app My Coherence Cardiac for five minutes, several times over this red carpet day and a glacial shower to awaken the right energy. Then makeup and hair for the big event is down to L'Oréal's makeup and hair artists.

3. What are your favourite L'Oreal Paris' products?
The Infallible palette which has every shade tailored to the complexion to correct imperfections in a texture of coverage which suits me very much. And Botanicals hair care collection, in lavender or geranium. They're without silicones, without parabens, without colouring, I love these treatments.

4. What is your favourite hairstyle?
A cut by my on-film hairdresser, Cédric Chami, a choppy layered look which very softly frames the face.

5. How do you manage to keep your complexion even?
With lots of organic cold-extracted green juices, alternating exfoliating between nourishing and radiance treatments and a Vitamin E eco-pharmaceutical cream.

6. What beauty secret would you share with your younger self about taking care of your skin to look as great as you look today?
Splashing lots of water, as cold as possible, morning and night. Foods free from pesticides, and free from nano particles. Finding as much happiness as possible in everything and the sun for a feeling of wellbeing, but only wearing a big hat.

7. What is the best beauty tip you've ever gotten and who was it from?
Avoid the sun. My mum, who had a luminous complexion, used to repeatedly tell me: "Never stay out baking in the sun."

8. Who are your beauty icons?
There are so many sublime women, but I find the beauty of Natalia Vodianova and Stephanie Seymour captivating.


1. What are your favourite hobbies?
Reading, watching films and documentaries, spending time with people I love, discovering unknown secret places, everything that doesn't call for planning and organisation, that's not decided in advance...

2. What is your favourite city and your favourite places there?
Lisbon, Paris, without its endless construction works, "Paris is so beautiful it's almost ridiculous, Vienna, New York, and more...

3. What is your MOTTO in life?
I'd like to borrow that of Scarlett in Gone With the Wind: "Tomorrow is another day" because it allows us to keep real hope, the will to survive and to give more time to time, to patience: what you don't do today, you can still do tomorrow, yes you can...

"​A L'Oréal ambassador's role goes beyond beauty products. I find a feminist vision of beauty which is first and foremost, a question of wellbeing, synonymous with both self-esteem and respect."

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