Rob McMillen

Rob McMillen

Rob McMillen, co-founder of Mildred New York, and former head barber at Blind Barber, is a second generation barber from Youngstown, Ohio. His classic cutting approach and a life dedicated to grooming has earned him a loyal following. The new Barberclub range was developed with Rob and his beard expertise to ensure the best care for your beard.

3 Burning Beard Questions For Rob McMillen

Q: What Is The Most In-Demand Hair And Beard Style At Mildred?
A: The 'Mildred Man' is very diverse so our goal is not to follow or create trends but to provide the right look for any guy. We expect a man to walk out of here happier, whatever his cut. Confidence is what's in-demand.

Q: How Often Do You Advise Your Clients To Visit The Barbershop?
A: We like customers to leave Mildred with the knowledge of how to maintain the look, regardless of when their next visit is. To get into the right habits, like using beard oil regularly, and to know the best products for his own beard and skin routine.

Q: Men Growing Their Beards Often Complain About The Itching. Why?
A: Itchy beards are super common, and so is beard dandruff - or 'beardruff.' it's really down to dry skin. The skin on your face dries out when you grow your beard, as the hair actually wicks moisture and natural oils away from your skin and into your beard. Men expert beard oil will soothe that itch. It replaces the oil wicked away - and the organic cedarwood oil strengthens hair follicles.

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