The essence of great skin Discover the Power of an essence

The essence of great skin Discover the Power of an essence

Essences help to refresh and illuminate tired, grey-looking complexions and restore that all-important glow, which fades as we hit our fifties.

Consider it the first step to putting the colour back into cheeks for a radiant, healthy look.

What is an essence?
Applied after cleansing and before serums or moisturisers, essences have a gel-like, watery consistency and have become the foundation of Korean skincare regimes. While serums have highly concentrated ingredients to treat the skin, essences are specially formulated to deliver active ingredients in a lightweight texture and prepare the skin for any products applied on top. They also infuse the visible surface layers of skin with glow-giving moisture while feeling refreshing and almost imperceptible on skin.

How to use an essence
The perfect gesture for mature skin, Essences will have you boasting a healthy-looking glow and cushiony-soft skin. Apply after cleansing and before your moisturiser or serum. You can saturate a cotton wool pad with three to four drops and sweep it across the face, including under the eyes. Or you can rub the liquid-gel in the palms of your hands and press it onto skin, first cupping and lightly pressing the palms of your hands against your neck, then moving your hands upwards and outwards finishing at the forehead. Allow the essence to penetrate skin for a minute and follow with your favourite moisturiser.

Top tip
It’s also worth decanting your essence into a small travel spray so that you can mist it over your face to refresh skin and restore your glow on the go.

Our 1st Essence
Introducing L’Oréal Paris laboratories’ first essence specially formulated for mature skin. No matter what your age, your skin deserves innovative ingredients in ground breaking textures. A dedicated expert in mature skin, L’Oréal Paris has formulated Age Perfect Golden Age Glow Re-Activating Essence to revive washed out complexions with a more radiant glow. As we age this natural glow can diminish: skin becomes dryer and thinner leaving skin dull, while micro-circulation slows down leading to a loss of natural colour and radiance.

Fortified with neo-calcium, Age Perfect Golden Age Glow Re-Activating Essence, has been found to strengthen skin’s natural barrier function, helping to hydrate and plump older skin. Calcium is found in the skin as well as bones, but levels decrease as we get older leaving skin fragile and vulnerable to thinning and moisture-loss. The Glow Re-Activating Essence helps to regulate skin’s natural exfoliation process, reducing the dead skin cells that sit on the surface of mature skin. These dead skin cells absorb light and can further dull the complexion. As well as smoothing and softening creases and the signs of fatigue, the light formula is infused with rosy micro-pearl beads, and instantly restores radiance to aged-faded complexions.

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